Life is a process that leaves behind much to desire





Life is a process that leaves behind much to desire. It is true that life is full of questions that one would always seek to answer. Walt Whitman’s poem is proper representation of how people view life and how they would respond to the challenges of life. It is true that life can be confusing to human beings, and they would wish to have new and attractive influences of life every day.

Life has more questions than answers, making it interesting and attractive. “The powerful play goes on” you intend to “contribute a verse” is highly significant. The bit may mean that as an individual I have a story to narrate about life. I have massive experiences that I can write down to describe my experiences in life. I have many life experiences with some moments being extremely challenging. Therefore, if I had a chance I would have a lot of details to give concerning life. The line simply means that I would also have something to write concerning life and the advances that I would administer if there was a chance.

The idea of revision and re-vision would be highly significant for me as I purpose to make a change in my life. There are various instances in my life that I would transform if it was possible. I would rewrite my life story if I had such a chance. There are numerous opportunities that I had in the past, but I never took full advantage of them. The revision would assist me in handling the opportunities accordingly and taking full advantage of them.

The idea of re-vision would also be paramount in redefining my life. The element focuses on the determinations for life. I have had previous goals, which I could not achieve. It does not mean I had not defined my goals accordingly, but I had ill methods of achieving them. However, if I had an opportunity for the re-vision, I would change extremely many things. I would refocus on my goals and handle them accordingly. I will be highly dedicated to them as I have everything I would require to ensure the goals are fully achieved, and I have nothing to regret in the future.

With revision and re-vision elements in my life, I would enjoy my life to the peak. By this, I mean I would change my name to an achiever and a motivated person to achieve any goal. I believe I would have a better life if I got another chance to live in the past.

However, the past has had extensive influence in my life. The past has an outstanding language that has helped to live a better today. I have understood that I am the mastermind to my future. Proper understanding of the language helps me to understand how to classify matters in my life. I have learnt that not everything would work for my goodness. There are instances when I will be in total desperation, and I need to take necessary steps to ensure the negatives do not influence my life. I have learnt to take advantage of the positive in my life. The language has taught me the difference between good and bad. The results for the past experiences are paramount in defining concrete choice for the future. If something about my life excites me, I always understand it is good to share. I find full joy in the uniqueness of every element in my life. My language is paramount in communicating my identity.