Life Application. Overestimating people’s thoughts about you

Life Application. Overestimating people’s thoughts about you

Life Application


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Overestimating people’s thoughts about youThe opinions that people hold on an individual’s actions, behavior or simply their personality has a great impact on that particular person. There are instances where one can underestimate or even overestimate how other people think of them. I have been in a situation where I totally overestimated how much other people were thinking about me. This occurred during the first few days that I had joined college. I usually made sure that I was early for class and would seat at the front of the class. I would always answer all the questions that were asked even if I did not know the answer. I used to do all this so that I could attract attention and hence be noticed by the rest of the class.

However, this was not the case as one day I asked one of my classmates what they thought of me. Was shocked to realize that he had not noticed my presence in the class and was not even sure we were classmates. This was contrary to my expectations since I expected that everyone in class knew me and thought of me as brilliant student. My situation was quite similar to adolescent egocentrism as I believed that the rest of the class was attentive to my appearance since I always sat at the front. I also believed that they paid attention to my behavior since I was answering al the questions so that I could be noticed. With adolescent egocentrism there is belief that all eyes are on you as a person and this is exactly what I thought (Fraser, 2010).

Life changing decisionI took a decision to change schools from a local school to an international school. This was life changing decision since it is through the school that I met many people from different countries and cultures that made me get the exposure that I would need for my career. It was quite emotional to leave my friends that I had known for a very long time to go to a totally different country. It would be hard for me to settle and get to make other friends and get used to them. This was the only logical move as studying in my country would not give me the exposure that I so much needed. Therefore there was an interaction between the logic behind my decision made it easy for me to deal with the situation in a less emotional way.

I would not have made the decision to make the move if I had given the matter less thought. I looked at the advantages of my decision against the disadvantages and the advantages outnumbered the disadvantages. If I could have given the matter less thought then I could not have weighed my options and could not have made the decision that I made.

My first year at high schoolI attended an international high school which was not in my country. During my first year at the international school I thought that everything would be same as it was back at home. However, this was not the case as the students there were not as hospitable and friendly like the way it was back at home. It was quite difficult to make friends and interact with people in the school. This is because most of the students came from different backgrounds hence behaving in different ways that were often not accommodative to others. I made a decision to try as much as possible to fit in the school through making friends and spreading my hospitable nature. His made the later years of my stay in the school were easier and better. It helped to get to know other people and learning to live with people from different cultures and backgrounds in harmony. I influenced the many friends to adopt a hospitable nature and become friendly. We interacted freely and shared our views and ideas which was quite helpful in our studies.The later years of my stay in that school were therefore the best with so much god memories tied to them.


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