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This assignment requires choosing an OUTCOME and writing an assignment for BOTH the BSN and MSN programs. Using the revised Blooms Taxonomy Cognitive Domain (the top 3) and remember it must address a higher level of learning, and Grantham University Catalog. Evaluate the outcomes for appropriate leveling based on Blooms Taxonomy. Create an assignment that will assess the student’s ability to use critical thinking to meet the outcome expectation in both the BSN and MSN programs. Make sure to give examples showing how student’s critical thinking will be used to reflect outcomes and assessed in both BSN and MSN program.
All material is to be CITED and if not cited must be PARAPHRASED!! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Write the paper along with cover and reference pages, all references must be in alphabetical order, conforming to the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual and using APA format. Support your paper with evidence found using 3 nursing articles written within the last 7 years, from scholarly and peer reviewed online Journals of Nursing.

Must address all of the questions above and meet all the following criteria: 1. The question/topic was addressed completely. The assignment reflected a complete understanding of the subject matter. 2. The facts/details are complete. The application of course content and knowledge is both accurate & concise. 3. The development of ideas is presented in a logical and sequential order making the essay/assignment easy to follow. 4. The assignment is easy to read and contains no grammatical or mechanical errors. Proper use of APA formatting is used. 5. Excellent use of resources relevant to the subject matter. Research is evident. Use proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. Must include a cover and reference page. References must be in alphabetical order

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