Letter to Reviewer

Letter to Reviewer

Letter to Reviewer

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Letter to the Reviewer

November 23, 2019

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Management RE: Role of Leadership in Managing Emergency and Disasters

Dear Reviewer:

Thank you for taking time to review my work. I greatly appreciate the complimentary suggestions and comments. I have carried out an analysis of the work and ascertained that the reviewer revised the paper accordingly. Please find attached a point-point feedback to the reviewer’s concerns. I hope that the responses are satisfactory.


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On the introduction part, the explanatory question was analyzing the topic from a local level in order to narrow down to the effectiveness of a leader in disaster management.

On the background review, it was a requirement of the educational institution to follow that format. Providing background study of each of the themes.

The theme “Training and Education,” is connected to the leaders in EM in that education and training on disaster management enables the leader in EM to build capacity and gain essential skills that enhance their ability to prepare and respond to the events during and after the disasters.

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