Letter to Michael Drayton about Shakespeare Macbeth

Letter to Michael Drayton about Shakespeare Macbeth

Letter to Michael Drayton about Shakespeare Macbeth

Michael Drayton,

I am writing to you to inform you about the new play I am writing. The title of the play is Macbeth. This play is in form of a tragedy. It is set in Scotland and it sensationalizes the corrosive political and psychological effect when wickedness is chosen to be a way of fulfilling the ambition of power. Just to give you a brief description of the play, the characters will be Duncan: the king of Scotland, Malcolm: the elder son of Duncan, Donalbain: the younger son of Duncan. There will also be Macbeth: a general in King Duncan’s army, Lady Macbeth: the wife of Macbeth, Banquo: friend to Macbeth as well as a general in Duncan’s army, Fleance: son of Banquo, Macduff: Thane of fife and Lady Macduff who is Macduff’s wife (Shakespeare, 2009)

It starts where a thunderstorm is experienced and there are three witches who conclude a meeting. These witches decide to face the Scottish general Macbeth on his triumphant homecoming from a war involving Norway and Scotland. The king of Scotland named Duncan decides that he will award the title of the disloyal Cawdor on the epic Macbeth. Macbeth together with another general referred to as Banquo come across the witches. The witches foresee that at some point in his life he will be a king (Shakespeare, 2009). They also foretell that the general Banquo will produce kings but he will not be a king himself. Duncan then makes arrangement to meet him up in his castle. Macbeth is in a position where he is not able to quit thinking about the witches’ forecast that he will be king. He therefore decides to murder Duncan where his wife agrees with the idea. 

When Duncan arrives at the castle, he has thoughts about the murder but it is too late for him as he is murdered by Macbeth and his wife. After the murder the wife smears the blood on the daggers of the guards who are sleeping. Macduff is a character who manages to discover the body but before the investigation takes place, Macbeth assassinates the guards to show that they are the ones who killed Duncan. Malcolm and Donalbain who are Duncan’s sons fear for their lives and they escape to Scotland. This makes them guilty and the crown is given to Macbeth. Macbeth then remembers about the witches’ forecast that Banquo will at one time become a king (Shakespeare, 2009). He plans for his assassination with Fleance and Donalbain, his sons. He succeeds but Fleance manages to escape. As a result, Banquo’s ghost appears making Macbeth’s behavior strange.

With the fear of being noticed, he feels that Macduff suspects him as he did not show up in the feast. He meets up with the witches where they discuss the matter and the witches assure him of safety. He later realizes that Macduff is telling Malcolm to reclaim the throne. He then plans for Macduff’s son and wife to be murdered. Macduff therefore sets an army to attack and bring him down (Shakespeare, 2009). Out of guilt Macbeth’s wife commits suicide, later on Macduff murders Macbeth and Malcolm ends up the King. This proves the witches’ prediction true at last.

Apart from this storyline, there are various features which I will use to bring out the themes clearly and make my play different from others. I know that a storyline involving witches will definitely increase the number of prospective individuals to watch this movie. This is the reason why I have included the witches in my play. The other thing is that King James is really interested with sorcery and witchcraft. Since it is just two years after he became the King, my play will be one of his best as it contains what he is interested in. I will also make sure that all my quotes are complete by mentioning the act and the scene. This will enable the individuals who intend to catch up with the play to have easy referencing to the part of the play. I have also looked at other plays and made sure that I produce mine in a different way. I have learnt how other authors write their plays and I have decided to be different from them. I want to make it different in order to draw a large audience and make them know that I am a different author who can come up with stories that are totally different from others’. This will help to build up a good reputation for me and make my work known over a wide region. The settings of other authors cannot apply within my work since I like being unique and do my work to my best using my own knowledge and ability. I have also picked a theme which affects the society at large as the authoritative issue affects many individuals in the society. These are some of the things which I have used to make sure that my play draws the attention of a large audience. Since most of my manuscripts have not been published, I am working to make sure that this being one of my best is published and that it sells well in the market.

I have always had the passion of writing and this is something which developed in me. At early stages I tried to compete with high standard writers such as Thomas Nashe and Christopher Marlowe. It was quite challenging but I never gave up. In my line of writing I have experienced many challenges since not everything I write will please everybody. This is something which has not pulled me down but rather pushed me up because those who appreciate my work encourage me. I intend to continue with writing as it is my passion and not to leave it at any point when I still have the strength to.


Shakespeare, W. (2009). The Tragedy of Macbeth. Chicago: Aquitaine Media Corp

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