Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plan Format

Lesson plan format

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Lesson Plan Format

Rationale The fourth graders need to understand various literary devices used in English literature. They can get relevant information from the pieces of literature that will let them know how the world works.

Student Outcomes (objective)


Academic Standards

The learner will master new vocabularies from the pieces of literature that they will read.

The learner will improve on their reading and writing skills.

Identify the literary devices used in the pieces of literature.

Materials to Collect and Preparation Before Teaching poetry books

short stories

a narrator

an educative movie

Educative song

Differentiation Students below grade level

I will guide them in reading the pieces of literature and then involve them in a discussion that will assist them understand the literary devices and styles. They will also watch the movie and listen to the music to identify these devices with my assistance.

Students below grade level

I will gauge their current level of understanding and then give them tests then discuss them later to foster to them appropriate information.

Teaching Procedures Anticipatory set

I will play the music collection I brought to class and give the learners a brief sneak into what the movie is all about. We will then discuss what literature is a class and distinguish between what traditional and formal means.


I will define the term literature to the students and then ask them to give me example of literature materials based on the explanation that I shall have given.

I will ask the learners how literature was used both in the traditional society and the current one.

I will then describe to them the literacy devices and then give them examples of where they have been used.

Guided instructions- directions flow

Formative assessment- directions flow

Closure- directions flow

Guided Practice and/or Independent

Using my music collection as the background beat I will ask the students who are in a dancing mood to dance and those who are in a singing mood to sing.


I will engage them in singing a song, especially a tribal song, so that they end the class in a happy note.

Assessment of Student Outcomes Formative Assessment

I will give the learners a quiz to ascertain their level of comprehension of the concepts taught.

Reflection on Teaching the Lesson I have mainly focused on the common forms of literature and literary devices. Most of the materials are familiar to them. I intend to get deeper and dig up concepts that they might not been familiarized with yet.