Learning plan 10

Learning plan 10




Learning plan 10

Among the things, I would learn that could make my personal life better are improving my communication skills and being confident. Communication is an essential element of living a better life. Good communication skills will help one relate well with others in society both at the place of work and in residential areas. The ability to speak one’s mind gives you peace and satisfaction having known that you are understood well by others. Communication also involves the ability to listen to others. One should be in a position to listen to others and what they have to say especially when one is seeking to be understood and vice versa. Not paying attention could lead to chaos that may arise due to misunderstandings and poor interpretation in both verbal and written communication.

The other thing I look forward to learning and improving it is self-confidence. Confidence is superior to even communication itself. It is the act of believing in oneself and believing that you will succeed. Confession is a possession, and thus confidence translates to success. Self-confidence is the ultimate backbone in leading a healthy life free from poor esteem or possession of some amounts of esteem issues. One can predict their life with a good level of self-confidence.

Furthermore, communication could affect one’s career and professional life. Good communication skills will have one in clear and good terms with his/her colleagues at workplace. I would work on my choice of words while addressing people at work, for instance, clients or fellow workmates. Good communication skills are essential in any career since it saves time that one could have used to repeat or emphasize on what they said earlier, for instance, in the presentation. Proper grammar in writing is especially punctuation can change the meaning of what you are trying to communicate. Similarly, verbal cues in the presentation may not be in sync with one’s words in a presentation which will send a different message altogether.

Learning will enable one to discover new concepts and practice them in mathematics. There could be some new concepts on how to evaluate certain problems and solving them easily, and through learning, I will be able to internalize them. In business, learning would enable me to learn skills such as collaborating instead of dictating during communication which will improve my business skills. Also through learning, I would learn how to use various communication skills to my benefit. Lastly, I would learn how to manage my finances through learning. Learning to make and stick to a budget will help me track all my money and account for every penny I spend.

When I retire, I want to have enough money to support myself, my entire family, and be able to donate some to charity. To achieve my goal, I would have to learn how to save. As much as I have to balance between spending and earning, I have to chip in the savings idea. For one to save effectively, one is advised to save then spend what is left after saving rather than spending and saving what is left. Savings calls for discipline especially when it comes to expenditure routine. Without discipline one may end up spending everything than end up retiring poor.

Career mentorship is an important component of achieving one’s career goals. Mentorship programs are available throughout school and even during working phases of life. Employers often create time for mentorship programs through business conferences and workshops whereby employees get insights from those ahead of them in time and success. So yes, there is some who can mentor me towards achieving my career goals.

Are workshops necessary? Do people learn from each other in workshops and conferences or do they learn from the speakers?