Learning Outcomes for Liberal Arts Studies


Liberal Arts Studies help me to learn about the breath area related to art and expression, social and civic, science and description along with the value and meaning. All these learnings have given me a key piece of knowledge that helps me do understand about the meaning of these learning’s for my life and the success of life’s objectives. Hence, this paper would describe about the learning experience related to different breath area. This paper would also describe that these learning’s would be relevant to my life or not.

Art and Expression Breadth Area

It was the aim of my life to learn about the lesson of music because it gives me a complete rest and also give me happiness. Before, this course, I was feeling bad, when I went with my school students to historical place because all students in my class were multi talented in the area of dancing, singing and music, while I was not be able to perform anything. Due to this, I was always thought that I should learn some lessons of music that would help me to be an attractive person and to attract the people of myself.

The course related to music also gives me a real life experience because it provides me a chance by which I could also learn about the music, related expressions and thoughts that also increased my knowledge about the music. Due to this, I could feel an encouraging property within me and it also forces me to go in front of people and show talent. It is because that before the course, I did not able to face the people because I was not being able to perform any entertaining activity that grows the internal fear inside me and also restricted me by making a part of the student group. The course of music gives me the knowledge about the node of music that help me to sing a song to the rhythm of music instruments. Hence, I could state that this type of knowledge has its own meaning in my life because it improves my inner feelings and also change me from a reserve person into social person.

This course required communication orally by which I could be able to deliver my thoughts to my listeners by playing the musical instrument. This course also helps me to solve my problem because it gives me a chance to write the lyrics in my word and deliver my message to the some people of my class in the form of music and singing. This course also develops my thinking in the context of those singers’ happiness that performing in front of the huge crowd and get an appreciation for his performance. In the reference of my personal growth, this course gives me a right path and it also in my personal goal that provide me the chance to change myself as a multi talent person that could be effectively described me in front of other people that was not possible for me without this course.

Social and Civic Breadth Area

I have learnt several courses in my life, but each course has its limitation in the context of knowledge but, that courses did not help me to develop my understandings about the management of human relationship. But, the courses related to sociology, I get the different thing that also help me to know about that way, which could be effective for managing the social structure of the concerning societies in which I live. This course increased my knowledge about the social issue such as the impacts of environmental changing over the wealth and health of people.

Therefore, it could be stated that this knowledge helps me to know about that factor which make the social structure of the societies and also makes negative impacts on the social relationship in the condition of any issues. The main key piece of this knowledge is the making of a strong social view that increases the collectivism in the place of individualism. On the other hand, this theory also encourages me to be a significant part of my society and deliver the entire knowledge and learnings to related societal people that would help the other people to do the same and improve the strength of societies that would also build the strong country.

This course gave me to know the effectiveness of social structure for the individual people and the wealth of the country and also provide me the information about the individualism and its impacts on the societies and country’s wealth. Hence, this knowledge also improves my skills by which I could be able to make attractive relationship with other related people. Due to this I could also able to resolve the relationship between the people to people by making mutual communication. At the same time this skill also helped me to find out the accurate reasons behind the problem by which I could also improve my image among the societies.

After the study of this course, I could say that the above knowledge and related experiences contributed in my personal growth because this study provide me information that helped me to realize the situation of problems. The outcomes of this course also changed me because initially I strongly believed in individualism and always engaged to improve myself for being a role model for other people. But after this course, now I like to work for my society in the place of myself to improve them.

Science and Description

In daily life, we people make huge pollution in our external environment in the form of garbage. The same situation I also faced in my colony, where I lived. Due to this problem, a lot of people got the serious health disease that also caused the negative impacts over the health of newborn babies also. Then, as a member of social community, I have also learnt to how to reduce the quantity of garbage by which my society could be able to reduce the level of pollution in our living areas.

This learning also increased my knowledge by which I could be able to apply the significant garbage collection process. It also helped the entire community people to dispose the garbage according to their nature with the ecological process such as the recycle process. Hence, this knowledge also gives me a meaning full way to work for communities and protect the life on the earth.

This knowledge also improved my skills related to communication that helped me to make the proper communication with the other community members on the issues of garbage and its negative impacts over the people. The above learning also helped me to encourage other people towards the pollution and its impacts that also assisted me to find out the reason behind the problem. The above knowledge also helped me and gave me a direction that made the growth of my personal life. Due to this, I could be able to find the solution of the garbage problems by their recycle process not only in my related societies but also in those societies, which are not directly related to me.

Value and Meaning

We all people living in societies that includes many cultures and these differences also increases the distance between the people because they could not understand the view of other people that makes a communication gap within the society. Therefore, the knowledge related to the ethnic relations and multiculturalism increased my understandings about the cultural differences that also helped me to know the perceptions and thoughts about the different cultural backgrounds by which I could make a significant relationship with the people. This knowledge includes the concepts of culture on the basis of individual perceptions, ethics, believes, and the environment of their societies that would also give a relevance meaning to my life.

The information about the culture and its impacts over the thinking style and attitudes of people also helped me to make the effective communication with the community members on the matter of the cultural problems. Hence, the knowledge related to multiculturalism and ethnic relations also improved my skills related to the cross-cultural communication that also helped me to make a strong association between the related people. This skill effectively helped me to resolve those conflicts between me and other related people by presenting the spiritual beliefs and values between people that would also reduce the ground of conflicts between the people of two different religions.

Hence, this course and these experiences significantly contributed to my personal growth because the thinking towards the religion, culture, ethics, and the values that would grow up the inner respect in my heart related to the other religion people. It would also help me to give up the negative thoughts from my mind that I have created about the different religion and their people on the basis of cultural differences. Hence, it would also help me to survive among the different cultural people without any problem.


From the above discussion, it could be stated that the different breath areas give the different type of learnings and knowledge to the people that helps them to face the challenges in their life and get the unique experiences to reduce the problem in life. By this process, the people could also make the effective growth in the life without facing any problem with the help of other people also.