Learning outcomes – these must be addressed 1. Demonstrate detailed knowledge and critical understanding of theories and frameworks of clinical decision-making that will support clinical judgement in practice

2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the management of uncertainty
and the application of reasoning in the assessment and management of care.

3. Critically examine and synthesise the legal, professional and ethical dimensions
of applying clinical judgement and decision making in practice

4. Critically evaluate ways in which evidenced based practice will support clinical
judgment and clinical decision-making.

5. Critically appraise the use of problem solving strategies in the use of clinical
judgement and decision-making in practice
Assignment – details of how I would like the essay formed
You are required to submit a 3500 word essay which should highlight your
achievement of all of the learning outcomes 1 to 5 of this module. This will be in the
form of a case study. The essay can be split into sections using the 5 learning
outcomes as subheadings if you wish, within each section you should demonstrate
knowledge and understanding of the theories relating to the learning outcome.
You will need to critically analyze the theories and relate them to your practice,
referring to the case study as you discuss each aspect.
If you wish, you may choose to include some of the more descriptive aspects of the
case study as an appendix to the essay, preserving the word count in your main body
for discussion and analysis of the case and making reference to them throughout the
assignment discussion.

Suggested Format

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