Learnado Da vinc’s Art work

Learnado Da vinc’s Art work

Learnado Da vinc’s Art work

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Learnado Da vinci is a Renaissance man with fascinating personalities in the Western art history. He had discovered scientifically, excelled in mathematics and was an artist. He used to observe constantly, experiment on things and inventing as well as draw. He did his work with perfection and prospered in almost everything he tried. His painting, drawings and sculptures have been kept for historic facts. Da vinci’s was trained in Florence at Andrea Del Verrochio’s workshop as a sculptor and a painter. Leonardo had curiosity and fascinating craves for knowledge that never left him. He was greatly influenced by Hugo van der Goes, his teacher and Verruchio. He was a teacher and his student’s shared a similar style of artwork. In Modern His beautiful work inspires everyone who comes around his arts even without knowing that Davinci was the one who had done it. He studied various gestures and poses in his study for Nativity of a mother and her child possibly when preparing for his main panel for his famous altar piece called the Virgin of the rocks. The most recognized and famous art work done by Davinci are; the Mona Lisa, Virgin of the Rocks, The last supper, St. Jerome in the wilderness, The baptism of Christ, child with st, Anne, and the virgin. Some others cannot be proven that he was the one who did since he never put signature in his work.

Leonardo’s paintings were considered an art that had outlived its time. He was considered a master in the since that his paintings had hidden messages that would astonish the world .He used Oil on poplar woods on some paintings such as Virgins on the rocks. There are two similar paintings with the same interpretation but the other one showed the halos. His painting did not show halos as his masters rejected the thought of Virgin Mary and Jesus being in an uncouth scenario. The painting showed Angel Uriel and john the Baptist who holds out his hands to suggest prayer towards Jesus.

Leonardo’s work used the light and shadow effect. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated with beauty especially when it came to women of class and status. In his hey days as a painter and sculptor he was also questioned on his sexuality because of the painting which came to be known as Vitruvian Man. He was once in love with a lady of the high chambers known as Isabella D’Este .This was said to have propagated the painting of La Belle Ferroniere painting on oil and canvas it showed how light falls on curved surfaces as can be seen in the paintings. His Best woman however was the Monalisa to the art world is the most redone portrait.

La belle on the other was among his many portraits and paintings of women paintings including Adoration of Magi where he formed a new style of painting which is known as chiaroscuro the contrast of colors from light to dark. Leonardo was raised by Christianity or the church since he wanted to be in good terms he depicted such paintings which had symbols of the church. Adoration of Magi was an illusion painting depicting the rise of a kingdom and fall of another kingdom through the son of a virgin. It was later re-painted showing magi in a manger surrounded by Pharisees and sheepherders introducing the birth of Jesus Christ.

Leonardo ventured into science after being incorporated in the Duke of Milan chambers He had outstanding paintings that he drew such as the big horse which was partly unfinished .His fascination of horses was true to the aspect of him actually stilling horses from the stables and drawing them as they fed in the fields. The Big horse which was a task he sketched but did not finish in time to present to the duke. The sketches on canvass drawn with ink show the precise movement of a horse with such grace and the boldness of the duke is evident with the knee lock horse movement. The master of art and creator of art is the description the underground art work describes Leonardo. It is evident that his art was to be immortalized and would be a great pillar in modern art. His art work was done in two periods early work in Florence which he painted, Madonna and child, the adoration of Kings and St Jerome. The next period was referred to as Milan period where he painted Monalisa. The last supper,

The Mona Lisa art work

This piece of work took Davinci 16yrs to finish since it was a masterpiece. This Art represents a portrait of Lisa Del Giocondo who was Francesco Del Gicondo’s wife also known as (Paris Louvre). There was an argument on if it was a fact or an opinion. A sensation of secrecy surrounds this painting, which is obscure in a soft light, creating an impression of attraction. This painting has a technique of painting which is known as sfumato—fumo in Italian means “smoke” meaning there painting has no contours or hard line in it. His painting has seamless changes between dark and light. This painting became famous since it had ambiguity, the smile in Mona lisa and its theft. The ambiguity is because there is s a debate on whether that is Lisa Del Giocondo or someone else. Her smile was the other fact that left it amazing. When one covers one side of her smile the other side was seen frowning. The art shows that she is not smiling brilliantly and she is not facing straight. Her faint smile is almost a smirk and this is seen when one gazes at the picture. Mona lisas arms, are torso, and head each twist faintly in a diverse direction, conveying a detained sense of progress. Davinci forged the technique of placing the subject adjacent to a landscape background. The painting had been stolen and when it was recovered it was stored at Louvre at the back of a bullet proof glass and its safe there. Leonardo investigates the possibilities of oil plant   in the drapery’s soft folds, texture of skin. The deeply retreating background, with its meandering rocks and rivers formations, is an example of Leonardo’s individual view of the natural planet: one in which everything is full of energy and movement, since it is viewed in liquid and in flux.

The last supper art work

The last supper original painting faded and deteriorated after very few years since it had been finished. It seems like he was experimenting with this one and it did not go well Jesus feet were visible in a way they foretold his death on the cross. It only took Davinci 3years to complete it. This painting is famous due to the religious fact since it ha s Christ and his twelve Disciples. The painting has a hidden message such as there is a reflection Jesus with a hidden woman caring a baby and a templar knight seated at the table. Leonardo captured the moment when Christ tells his apostles that one will betray him, and at the foundation of the Eucharist. His statement brings about a visible response, and is effected in the painting in the form of a wave of sensation amongst the apostles. The reactions are expressed by each apostle, and are referred to as “motions of the mind.” Despite the dramatic reaction of the apostles, Leonardo inflicts a sense of order on the landscape. Christ’s head is at the middle of the masterpiece, and is surrounded by a halo-like architectural gap. Christ’s head is at the disappearance point toward the perspective projection lines of the architectural are setting union. The apostles are arranged four groups around him of three united by their posture and gesture. Judas is on the opposite side of the table, and has been set apart from the other apostles by his shadowed face.



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