LBS 4484 Conflict Resolution Techniques

LBS 4484 Conflict Resolution Techniques


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LBS 4484 Conflict Resolution Techniques

In this course, the main focus was on the ways that can be used to resolve conflicts, I learned all there is to know concerning managing conflict, transformation and the necessary conflict resolution skills. As I took the conflict resolution course, I learned more about the field than I had expected. I discovered that active listening skills and communication skills go a long way in reaching a resolution during times of conflict. I cannot forget to mention the usable action plan that goes a long way in producing a solution. These are invaluable lessons that I will hold on to moving forward. This course will be helpful in the future in helping me find viable solutions for conflicts as I am familiar with the required skills. It is also my hope to transfer my knowledge to other people so they can also benefit.

LBS 3480 Introduction to Conflict Resolution.

In this course, the central focus was on introducing the basic concepts in the course. I gathered insight into the training, knowledge, and skills required for effective conflict resolution. This course is important to me as it helped me understand conflicts in depth, making it easy to undertake negotiations and resolve conflicts. As I covered the topic of the causes and outcomes of conflict, I was able to get a better understanding of the conflicts that took place around me and also resolve them. In the future, I will apply the skills gained in this cause to avoid conflicts are resolve them should they arise.

SYG 3325 Social Deviancy

In this course, the main focus is to explore the behavior of norms or regularities that have been culturally accepted. I learned how deviant behavior is reviewed and analyzed from a sociological point of view. As I handled a task on crime and the criminal justice system, I discovered the right procedure to go about resolving a conflict. I put in extra effort in this course compared to other courses because I enjoy the content. When applying for positions, I will let my employer know that I am familiar with resolving highly stressful conflicts.