L99 Prompt 2 Response


L99 Prompt 2 ResponseOn matters regarding the two-step theory, the author starts by pointing out that the followers and leaders are involved in the process. I agree with this point since the theory is based on the influence that opinion leaders have on opinion followers. This happens after reading the atmosphere of their focus point followed by sharing with their followers their thoughts on the same (Lamb, n.d.). I further agree with the author on the followers approaching these leaders due to their greater knowledge on various matters that interest them, including the Black Lives Matter movement which has garnered a great number of followers. This indicates that the followers are active participants and they are not just fed information by the media (Lamb, n.d.). They embrace the idea of having leaders to help them understand various important topics since the leaders better understand these topics. The author mentions that once the information has been shared to them, they then provide support to their opinion leaders, after which change follows. I am in agreement of this statement since that is how various ideas are championed and heard by the public (Butt, 2017). This is how small groups receive, process, understand, and act following the information sharing especially when support is greatly needed. Although the author has not mentioned it, it is important to note that the theory is referred to as the two-step theory since it goes through two stages, that is, the opinion leaders acquire information from media sources and then the leaders inform their opinion followers are then informed.


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