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Jurong Point

The HR staff at Jurong Point is made up of 3 employees who manage a team of 160. In addition to this, the mall has over 2500 employees working for the tenants of the mall. The tenants of the mall therefore make up the bulk of the employers, and the HR staff has to outsource some of the functions to its tenants. One of the outsourced functions is the recruitment of staff. The tenants use the mall’s job portal to find employees. The task of finding the right employees is usually left to the HR department, and the HR of Jurong Point allows its tenants to carry out this function. In doing so, the tenants can find employees suited to their particular needs. There are also regular recruitment fairs for the tenants to get to meet potential employees.

The second function that Jurong Point’s HR staff outsources to its tenants is conducting traimn9ng programs for its tenants so that they can better manage their employees. The HR department at Jurong Point acts as the overall HR body of the mall, and therefore it is supposed to manage all the employees of the mall. However, it would be quite difficult to manage over 2500 employees, and this has encouraged the HR department at Jurong Point to offer training services to its tenants. When the tenants are well trained on how to manage their employees as well as customers, it makes work easier for the HR department. Millions of customers from all over the world visit Jurong Point each year, and it is essential that their needs are met adequately to keep them coming back. It is the responsibility of the HR department to equip staff with the necessary skills to serve their customers. The tenants can then train their employees on how to do this.