Journal 3 Reflection

Journal 3 Reflection

Journal 3 Reflection

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Journal 3 ReflectionTeamwork is always tricky at the beginning most of the time. However, when people are well acquainted with each other well and work on a joint project in which they want to succeed, the group work becomes even better and enjoyable. This was the case for my group project about suicide. We did not know what to do at first, but in the end, we came to realize that we had a common interest to see people become better and advance in their mental health through communicative therapy. Therefore we came together and worked on our project successfully. This paper discusses the steps, challenges, and other issues that arose as we were doing the group project and how we successfully finalized the group project.

The first step was deciding on what type of topic to discuss. At first, it seemed like there was no best topic to discuss. However, we had a brainstorming activity, and we came up with all possible ideas. Even though some were crazy ideas, but we encouraged open-mindedness and creative thinking. After the brainstorming process, we had to decide which specific way to choose. We, therefore, gave our choices and the reasons we had chosen those choices and not others. Each of the group members also had to explain the reason as to why they thought a specific topic was better than another one. We narrowed it down to service through this method to stop or reduce the number of suicides witnessed around us.

After choosing the topic of suicide and trying to think of new ways to stop this, we realized that we did not have enough information and resources on how to write this project, and therefore, the next step was doing research. We decided that it was best that every person did their research independently. Then we came together to discuss our different researches and how to go about making out the project the best possible. I researched the reasons why suicide is so common within the area. I found a lot of information revolving around family separations, divorces of parents leading children to be depressed, love issues, especially among the youth and teenagers, among other factors.

After the successful research, we came back together and discussed our different parts of the project, and the PowerPoint was made by each person making their part and then presenting to the group why they included each part of the work the way they did. If the group members agreed that it is okay, the part of the project was forwarded to the group leader for combining. At the same time, if the team felt that something was missing, the group member was requested to revise the part they had done and then send it to the group leader for combining. After combining, the final thing was to come together one last time, discuss the project, and view the final work before being uploaded.

Apart from seeing the paper, we realized that the work is essential, and there was a real need to begin such a project not just present the academic profession, get marks and go along our different paths. Therefore this has opened our eyes to the outside world and how we can help, and we are discussing the possibility of having such kind of a group that helps those who have suicide issues to be better and avoid their stress and live everyday life. This can be one of the change-makers in the societies whereby the youth are suffering so much in a lot of emotional pain to the point of wishing to commit suicide. And the fact that we are also youths gives us a better chance to help them and therefore hopefully the project will be realistic.