Joe Bidden





Joe Bidden

Joe Bidden, the former vice president has some strong views on various topics that affect our nation. This paper looks at his various takes on the policies. On immigration, Biden believes that the immigration is a thin line between upholding human rights and dealing with illegal immigration. He believes US should welcome immigrants although they need to go through the right channels to be approved. On impeachment, he believes that a president should be impeached on grounds of gross misconduct and is among those supporting pursuance of president’s trump impeachment. On gun control, he holds the belief that there should be background checks for people who need to possess gun and a ban should be implemented on assault weapons. On criminal justice, he believes that the justice needs to be fair. On his justice reform plan, he wants to reduce incarceration and shift the spending from incarceration to social support to those who risk committing crimes.

On prescription drugs, he believes drugs should be affordable, he has proposed policies that would help reduce the drug prices. On health care, he supports Obamacare and to build on it by adding a public option thus ensuring healthcare cost is affordable to everyone. On education, he believes that sex education needs to be included in the curriculum, possess use of student vouchers whose aim is sponsoring kids to private schools and believes on constitutional right to voluntarily participate in prayers in school. He believes everyone has a right to get quality education. On the Iraq issue, bidden stand has always been shaky. In 2002, he voted in favor of invading Iraq and also supported president Obama on Iraq invasion. Recently however he stated that he opposed the war as soon as it started. On Afghanistan, he also supported the invasion of Afghanistan as a full-scale nation building. However, when he saw this was not working, he suggested the troops needed to overpower al-Qaeda and leave

On racism, Joe Bidden has always believed that everyone in America is equal and should be treated as such without discrimination for their skin color or religion. On China he has been in support of several agreements including Trans Pacific Partnership. He has also held so many private meetings with Xi Jinping the China president. In 2019, 4th June, he voiced out concern of how China was oppressing its people. On Climate change, he has always been pro friendly environmental policies. He was among the first people to introduce climate change bill to congress. June 4th 2019, he unveiled a climate policy plan aimed at getting the US to try and reduce its emissions because of global warming. He also plans to re-enter Paris agreement when he wins as president. Setbacks includes constant link of his policies to those of his predecessors including Obama and Bush. Recently during a debate, he seemed to have confused Afghanistan and Iran an indication he did not know much on Afghanistan US invasion

Booker Corey

Booker has strongly opposed immigration issue and in his plan on immigration he plans to eliminate immigration detentions virtually. This plan would however not include people who may fail to appear for a court date and those immigrants who may be a risk to public safety. On impeachment, he is among the senators who supports to look into president’s Trump gross misconduct as per the constitution. On gun control he believes more stringent measures need to be taken including licensing to buy or own a gun. On criminal justice, he has proposed a bill referred to as Next Step Act which would slash mandatory minimum sentences for offenses that are non-violent. Bill would also eliminate the discrepancy that exist between cocaine and crack sentences as often individual from minority groups ae often disproportionately sentenced for crack and cocaine crimes. Booker has often been accused to be too close to pharmaceutical companies, he however believes that prescription drugs should be lowered to make them affordable

On Health care, he supports the Affordable Care Act which will ensure the healthcare system is affordable to all Americans. He also believes Medicaid should be available to the vulnerable citizens. On education, he believes that every child deserves an opportunity to go to school and thus supports universal access to preschool education. He recognizes foster and homeless youth may need support in school and in 2016 he proposed amendment to a bill that was passed that would ensure the vulnerable kids would get help. On Iraq, Booker signed asking Iran to accept the intrusive clear inspection. This was to ensure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons capability. He believes He supports the scaling down of the US government on Afghanistan and terms it as unnecessary. He is against the war as Americans taxpayer’s money is spent on war.

Booker believes that all Americans should be treated equally, he however recognized that America is still unequal. Some ideas he proposes to ensure equality is achieved is the baby bond program that would give money to kids on the basis of their household income. This translates to the fact that black and brown kids are likely to benefit more than white ones. On China, Booker does not support US relation with china and has referred to it as totalitarian regime that needed to be eliminated as it takes advantages of other nations. On climate control, Booker believes actions needs to be taken to address climate change. He has proposed transition to clean energy which includes investing in carbon free electricity. He has proposed reestablishment of Civilian Conservation Corps as part of his Green New Deal. His setbacks include his inability to raise funds for his campaign.

Buttigieg Pete

He supports the Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals and has been the biggest critique of the Obama administration for separating the children from their parents and sending of American troops to southern border. On impeachment, he has been the among those who have agreed on impeachment hearings to determine if the president misused his powers. He has however pointed out that the impeachment may not be successful and the best way to beat trump is by the ballot. On gun control, he has proposed background checks on people who would want to buy guns and proposes ways that would see an end to violent extremism. On criminal justice, he has supported abolition of death party and advocated for restoration of voting rights to former felons. He has also advocated the revising of sentences such as minor drug related offenses. August 23rd 2019, he advocated decriminalization of drug possession but selling should remain illegal.

On prescription drugs, he promised to lower drug prices making it affordable for all. On healthcare, he has advocated the use of single-payer healthcare system which would see healthcare being financed by taxes to cover essential healthcare cost making healthcare affordable. On education, he has advocated making college affordable in order to reduce student debts. He has proposed free college for low and middle income students, but children from rich families need to pay tuition. He has also supported charter schools but he believes they should not replace public schools. On Iran, he has pledged to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Buttigieg has advocated against military intervention in Middle East and plans to increase funding for intelligence community. On Afghanistan, he has justified invasion after the 9/11 attacks. He has however supported withdrawing of the troops but America should still maintain military intelligence.

On racism, he has advocated for equal treatment of all Americans and plans to address the systemic racism. He has often received less support especially from black community due to lack of diversity in South Bend. On China, he has attacked Trump over his trade war with China. In his debate he voiced his concern on how China is using their technology for dictatorship. Climate plan is among the big policies Buttigieg wants to address. He has advocated for use of clean energy, investing in disaster relief and prevention. He believes US needs to be on the forefront of fighting for climate change and needs to double on clean electricity and zero emissions during generation of electricity. He has also promised to restore Paris Climate Change agreement. His major setback that he has talked of includes the struggle he had coming out as gay. He has also been criticized for lack of diversity and inclusivity in South Bend where he was a mayor

Castor Julian

On Immigration, Castro’s plan is to enable already undocumented immigrants in America to get citizenship. This would create a pathway for children brought in at very young age. He also pledged to increase refugee admissions and reunify families that have been separated at the border. He plans to decriminalize illegal border crossing so that they can attract civil penalty and not criminal penalty. On impeachment, he has supported the proceedings to try and establish if president Trump acted on gross misconduct or abused the office. On gun control, he has suggested background checks including barring someone with a history of domestic violence or mental health being sold to a gun. He has also proposed ban of assault weapons. On Criminal justice, he has proposed The First Chance Plan aimed at looking at connection between crime and its prevention. In doing this he purposes to address factors such as pre-K and college education, foster care and job training especially among people of color.

Castro supports the federal government in negotiating drug prices for Medicare. On Healthcare, Castro proposes Medicare for all as everyone is allowed to access quality healthcare. He also supports private medical insurance for those who may want it. The government will also tax the rich in order to obtain the funding for Medicare for All. On education, he has pledged to focus on pre-k programs and funding so that they can start early the education programs. He has also proposed increase of teacher’s salary based on number of students they teach in school as well as a proposal to improve school infrastructure. He has also proposed elimination of tuition fees in public universities and colleges and reforms to reduce student debts. On Iraq, he has not really been vocal about the issue but invasion but while on NBC news he indicated that there needs to be a solid plan for troops withdrawal. He also has the same sentiments on Afghanistan invasion

On racism, Castro has advocated against the treatment of people of color unequally in the US and how despite years the system still seems to discriminate against minorities things he plans to address. On China, he has expressed his worries especially how China is using its powers to silence critics of the regime. He has proposed cutting off funding used to finance the Chinese telecommunication equipment. On climate change, he released People and Planet first a plan that aims for power to be carbon neutral and vehicles to be zero emissions in order to reduce carbon emissions. He has pledged to stop fossil extraction in public lands and to also end fossil fuel subsidies and has stated to go back to the Paris climate change agreement. Major setback he has received is criticism concerning how he handled sale of mortgages during his tenure at the Housing and Urban Development. He was accused of selling too many mortgages to Wall Street without enough oversight

Gabbard Tulsi

Gabbard advocates for legislation that aims to protect children from deportation as DACA comes to an end. She disagrees with Trumps use of detention centers and separation of the children from their families. On impeachment, she strongly supports the proceeding that will determine if president trump abused his office. On gun control, she has advocated for sensible gun control including ban on military style weapons and closing of the gun-show loopholes that allows people who have no business having guns getting one. On criminal justice, she has proposed reforms that would ensure crime rates are lower. He has denounced how most drug wars are based on incarceration rather than rehabilitation which she plans to change. She has voiced her concern on need to also lower recidivism rates as most people lack the support they need to transition after incarceration.

In her Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation act, her aim is to curb skyrocketing prescription drugs. On health care, she has promised to ensure all Americans have access to quality healthcare to all Americans. She is the strongest supporter of Affordable Care Act and Medicare and Medicaid. On education, she has proposed free tuition in public colleges and university. Families who made $125,000 or less in a year are the ones eligible for free tuition in colleges and universities. Tulsi has promised the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. She was once a solder and had deployed to Iraq twice. She believes the war the American is fighting in middle east is not worth it and is a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

Gabbard has been very vocal on her stand against racism as she believes that all Americans needed to be treated equally. She has constantly pointed out some of president Trumps tweet citing them as racist and are causing divineness among the Americans. She plans to address the systemic racism that seem to disadvantage people of color. Regarding China, she has called for the end of the destructive war between the United states and China especially on tariff war that president Trump as put in place stating it is Affecting trade in America. She cited how farmers had been affected as they could not directly trade with China. On climate control, she has the OFF Act that advocates for transition from fossil fuel to more clean energy that are more efficient. A setback she has encountered is the accusation that she has been a Russian operative. She has also constantly accused the democratic Party of being rigged and at one point she wanted to boycott the Democratic party presidential aspirant debates.

Harris Kamala

Senator kamala knows that the country is a state of immigrants and views the issue of immigration as a need for the country to enact comprehensive reforms to inclusion of immigrants. She famously disagreed on deportation of immigrants in the Obama administration. The issue of impeachment of president trump according to senator Kamala shouldn’t be a long process as she claims that he (Trump) had already confessed to the pressuring of Ukrainian government. On the issue of gun control Senator Kamala feels that the congress has acted enough due to lack of courage although that’s why they were elected. She suggests the executive control action on the gun control. She has a sweeping plan that overhauls the criminal justice that aims at making big play reforms pushing to make the system less punitive which aligns with the new progressive movement.

Senator kamala unveiled her plans to ensure prescribed drugs prices were lowered. Through having the federal government intervene by setting fair prices to address the soaring costs of prescribed drugs with measures of losing patents if the companies do not revisit their prices. Her plan for good healthcare ideas involve the maintaining of Medicare advantage and having an objective to ending employer-based insurances and private coverages in Obamacare. She plans to ensure access of high quality public education with free tuition at four public colleges, she seeks to reduce the student loan debt through reduction of interests and boost the teachers’ pay. Similarly, with other eight candidates’ senator kamala on the Iraq issue has a stand on bringing back deployed troops in the middle east. With support of the Israeli’s security and right to defense. She believes it’s time to end the and develop a solution for Afghanistan. the development of a political solution would end the war and allow troops to return home.

As a popular black woman with inspiring story she describes her racism electability to be the giant in the room. The trump-china trade policy according to kamala has harmed the economy, she however supports the goals but advocates for a change of approach. Kamala compares the history of climate and promises to help find a solution to the crisis with her plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions that would avert the world’s worst impacts of climate change. Her view of setbacks involves the changes that are experienced over time and the views evolve politically over time and now the intense reckoning of law failures that are major setbacks.

Klobuchar Amy

Klobuchar Amy believes that in control of the borders their needs to be a set system to maintain the order of immigrants moving into the country. she believes there is a need to have adequate order on border controls and patrols, the wall development and declaration of no amnesty for organizations hiring of illegal immigrants without documentation. She has been calling for the impeachments for months and she is convicted that it is her constitutional duty to check and balance activities associated with the presidency, that’s why she was elected. She wants the provision of impeachment in the constitutions through her arguments. With gun violence cutting short many families and tearing them, according to her by commonsense the gun laws have much support and on every proposal, she has to verify if the consequences would hurt the citizens. She, therefore, believes that gun laws are long overdue. Even if the congress lacks the plan to reform the criminal justice system she has some plans that will ensure administration of fair justice to keep the communities safe in her first step Act. Klobuchar Amy will push to prevent the unfair prescription drug hiking prices through the introduction of legislative intervention to prevent hiking of prices for prescription drugs. This would include the ordering of drugs from other countries such as Canada through personal importation.

Amy has always supported universal and comprehensive health care for all Americans that is single-payer and believes the best way to achieve this is through the involvement and allowing of a public option that seems to expand Medicaid and Medicare. On the education issues, Amy shows the mandate of funding to be that no child is left out on education with clear accountability in education in a way that provides local schools with expanded childhood mandates. Helping students afford college fees. Amy believes that the Iraq which devolved into civil war should be left to run its own country with her advocating for no votes for Iraq war. She views the foreign policy on Afghanistan as it is not a game show as they are terrorists. She is open to keeping the military in that country but she believes that it is time for the troops to come home after two decades fighting the war in Afghanistan.

She is against racists attacks and as emphasized in her campaigns she will run a moderate administration as she speaks of the importance of fighting racism and white the response to efforts by China to buy tech companies in the US, Amy was involved in the developing and broadening the ability of the federal government to prevent foreign purchases of US firms. Amy believes in science in the side of climate change and by restoring Obama policy eras to tackle climate change moderately. She, however, faces setbacks as she is not widely knowing and early polls place her not near the lead, competition has from other democrats may not allow her to be taken seriously.

O’rourke Beto

O’rourke has been a critic of how Trump has handled the illegal immigrants. He purposes to stop inhumane treatment of the children as well as their separation from their parents. He also proposes strong legislation that will allow legal immigration and naturalization process. On impeachment, O’Rourke has asked the democrats to go big on the impeachment as Trump misused his powers and if there is enough evidence on gross misconduct then he needs to be impeached. On prescribed drugs, he plans to reduce use of opioids and to make drugs more affordable On gun control, he has suggested universal background checks on everyone that may want to buy a gun as well as the limit on sale of AR-15s which are semi-automatic and automatic weapons. On the criminal justice system, he has proposed to end mass incarceration by providing alternatives to jail times. He has also proposed banning of private prisons and restoration of the right to vote for former incarcerated individuals.

On health care, he supports universal healthcare where American s will have access to affordable health coverage. He has proposed use of single-payer Medicare for all as a program that will ensure all Americans get the medical care they need. On education, he has proposed more investment in public education in order to ensure more Americans are well educated. He also supports helping parents to fund their children to private school using the public money and hiring of more pre-school and science teachers. He has also proposed inclusion of sex-ed to school curriculum. On Iraq, he has proposed withdrawal of troops. He proposes that the war tax that has been channeled to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should be used to help the war veterans who return back home and seem to be forgotten. O’Rouke believes sending troops to the middle east is more likely to provoke another war in America.

O’Rouke has advocated for treatment of all Americans equally despite their skin color or religious affiliation. He talked of communities that have become vulnerable because of race and class discrimination affected by climate disasters. In his campaign he did not talk much on systemic racism or how to address it. On China, O’rourke believes he is capable of ending trade war by eliminating the tariffs that have been put in place by the Trump administration. He also pledged to launch a case against China to WTO cutting how china has failed to live to the expectation and commitments that were put in place while it was joining WTO. On climate change, he proposed to create standards that were legal and enforceable ensuring that US achieves zero emissions by 2050. On climate, he voiced concerns on how climate disasters such as hurricanes and storms have ravaged Latino and black neighborhoods and oil companies were responsible for the change. Setbacks he has encountered include criticism over his strong stance on AR-15 riffles. He has also been criticized for lack of a clear policy on what he would love to do after winning his president. These setbacks may have contributed to him backing out of the presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders believes that immigration in America is harmful and should be banned; he advocates for immigration reforms to protect the legal status of undocumented people in America. He believes that racism is wrong and proposed a recline on Muslim ban proposed by the current president of America. Gun control is essential to reduce the violence by taking extra measures and expand the background checks to reduce the gun show loopholes. He supports impeachment of Trump, where he claims that he is probably the most corrupt president in the modern history of America. Bernie Sanders does not support the criminal justice system in America criticizing the mass incarceration and proposed long prison sentences, improving police oversight and legalization of marijuana. Bernie Sanders believes that the drug prescription in America saying that the American pharmaceuticals are greedy; he proposed a bill in slashing prescription drug costs and allowing negotiation.

He does not support the current education system indicating that the system is expensive and only considers few individuals, claiming that everyone is entitled to quality and affordable education in all stages from lower to higher stages and therefore suggested for free college education in America. He voted against Iraq joint resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq, saying it might cause a counter-insurgency, he proposed economic sanctions. Bernie Sanders voted against trading with China since it is the world’s largest economy, which might lead to American citizens struggling for low wage rate and benefit only the large private corporations. He believes that the single-payer healthcare system is undesirable and proposed for a single government-run plan to provide insurance coverage to all Americans. Bernie Sanders voted in favor of sending American troops to Afghanistan in a symbolic debate to retroactively support America. He believes that birth control would control the climatic changes in America by educating and empowering women to curb the population. Bernie Sanders believes that his age and heart condition should not be an issue, and people should not use it for his setbacks on the presidency.

Steyer Tom

Steyer Tom supports the impeachment proceedings against President Trump and spent millions on building a case against the president. He believes that gun control in America is essential to reduce the issue of gun violence by calling for background checks, enacting laws and banning the assault weapons. According to Steyer Immigration is unjust and broken since it hurts all of us. Therefore, it should be fought and reduce deportation to protect human rights. Steyer Tom believes that climate change should be proclaimed as a state emergency, and he proposed the use of power to putting up regulations and requirements on addressing the problems. He believes that the American criminal justice system perpetuates mass incarceration and built upon racism where the powerless are unable to defend themselves in court of law, he suggests for reforms to reflect the rule of law for all. Tom believes that education is essential and that every student is entitled to quality education.

Steyer supports trading with Chinese by showing their tax records on earnings and proposed for a tax release forms when filing for taxes. Steyer Tom suggests withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan by the end of the year. On issues about Iraq he suggests an immediate and quick action by launching a nuclear war on Iraq and taking a real course of correction. Steyer believes that Insurance coverage for all citizens is an unrealistic plan, and it is impossible to pay for Medicare for all middle-class citizens without increasing taxes. He believes that drug prescription costs should be increased since the policies and laws in drug prescription have lensed therefore increasing addiction and curbing power to corporate interests. He suggests that his billionaire status should not be used as a setback to disqualify him from presidential nomination. Moreover, it should be taken as an advantage for his exposure in business environment.

Yang Andrew

The complex issue of Immigration is addressed in Andrew’s Dream Act policies whereby he views immigrants as the source of hard work and innovation in America, even though there is need to control their entry into the country with making temporal permissions to address un documentations. He views impeachment as a process that could backfire and the downside of this process being the trapping of the country in the impeachment process stalling development and other important functions. He emotionally discusses the gun control issue noting that they ought to address all instances involved in gun violence and their causes as domestic and physical violence are more likely to be deadly. He supports the federal government policies that would take away one’s gun in case of proof that there is a risk of violence ‘Red flag’. He supports a voluntary buyback program. Yang views the criminal justice system as badly informed and needs to be reformed as it is particularly punitive towards the blacks and other minorities. Yang views the cost of prescription drugs to be high as the prices change at the urge of those running the firms thus the need for price control by government and holding of the companies accountable as at times they aggressively market drugs to uses beyond their original purpose.

Andrew yang has policies governing single-payer healthcare that values access to quality healthcare is one of the most important factors of one’s well-being, his health policy is comprehensive. Yang’s education ideas and plans are the incorporations of the links between costs and administrations although it lacks the for-profit colleges. His views on the overseas and Iraq deployments call for the country to keep the troops deployed argues that allies in nations as Iraq and Afghanistan needs the support of America thus withdrawal of troops from the countries would be a big mistake that could only make issues and the current situation worse. The current administration has launched all-out offensive trade against China to pressure Beijing into changing intellectual property practices. The racism conversations are not new in politics, however, yang intends on discussing these issues beyond black and white as he challenges the consideration of the experiences of Asian communities which is the fastest-growing ethnic group. Yang’s policies on climate have plans and strategy policies to control anthropogenic climate change and his administration would place the climate issues as a top priority of the federal government with 4.87 trillion policies to address climate. For the setbacks in the state, Yang has viewed them as a crisis with solution-driven policies for the opioid crisis and gun control crisis. He writes of the setbacks developed by his background and farm failures history of his immigrant family.

Senator Warren Elizabeth

On immigration issues, warren Elizabeth provides views and proposals that the crossing of borders without papers and legal authorizations should not be criminalized showing her support for decriminalizing immigration thus creating the protection for immigrants. She believes that in the case of impeachment they would focus on enquiries that would include potential justice obstructions and corruptions to cover up issues. Warren is essential in support of those in gun control advocates as she introduces her sweeping gun control plan that would see a reduction of gun violence through enacting new restrictions on gun buyers. Her reform plan for the criminal justice system was highlighted with the plan to make the system less punitive while emphasizing on other ways to check crime and improve public safety. To lower the prices of prescription drugs and fix the market prices Warren suggests that the federal government ought to start manufacturing these drugs. Her idea of improving healthcare in which she has a plan to fund Medicare for all, a policy that aims to drive away private medical insurance that is expensive.

Warren has a set of wide-ranging education plan whereby she intends to increase the school budget and allow adaptation of progressive school funding formulas to allocate more money to students in districts with high poverty she is also seen to call for free college tuition. Her views on the war on Iraq are considered to have evolved whereby she embraced having Iraq as an ally and opposing US contingent making aid to prohibit Israel. She is in the view of filling the diplomatic vacuum in Afghanistan and the development of a strategy to an end to the 16-year-old conflict. Warren says she thinks to be part of the conversation as she supports reparations for blacks. The lack of progress on China makes her be frustrated as she tends to go after China in a worse way. She proposes a contender platform to fight the climate crisis by investing tax money to combat the increasing global heating, with aims to protect the environment and preserve clean air and water. Warren faces setbacks as financial setbacks that shattered the lives of people as th