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Job Review and Application

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Job Review and Application


It is often said that learning never ends, and neither does the acquisition of knowledge. However, for graduate students, the completion of the program more or less halts a stage of theoretical learning and ushers in a learning stage rooted in practice, also known as working. While scouring the internet for graduate jobs, I was captivated by an Administrative Assistant role at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia posted on Seek dot com Australia. The company prides itself on being the premier supplier of glass and glazing in Broome. The company mainly services the Kimberly and North West region. I see this position as a perfect opportunity to put into practice everything that I have learned in my Degree. This report entails my motivational interests for the role, my cover letter and my resume.

Motivational Interests

I chose to apply for the administrative assistant position at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia because the position comes with competitive remuneration. The official job advertisement notes that the role comes with a pay package between $55,000 – $69,999 annually. For a graduate student, the remuneration is not too shabby, and neither is it too good to be true, seeing as the average Australian earns $60,000 a year. For most employees, compensation is the biggest motivator because of the ever-increasing costs of living. The role at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows also offers room for personal development, which is essential for a graduate student. Pearl Coast Glass & Windows is a lowkey company with stellar reviews; this means that I have the chance to gradually develop my administrative assistant skills in a conducive working environment.

I also chose to apply for the administrative assistant role at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia because I meet the qualifications for the role. Admittedly, the role does not specify academic qualifications and but requests three years of experience. In other words, it is an open role, and the most qualified individual may be granted the role. I fancy my chances here because I offer a blend of youth and experience to the already excellent personnel at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia. In any administrative assistant role, the basics are documentation, planning and scheduling and bookkeeping. I am well-versed in all these areas. Moreover, I possess skills that can transform the administrative roles at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia from a labour-intensive outlook to a capital-intensive outlook with the introduction of technological tools.

Likewise, I chose the role because I would like to leave my mark on Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia. In most cases, graduate students make the mistake of applying for unrealistic roles in well-to-do organizations. However, most of these organizations already have predetermined practices and procedures in place and are more likely to hire an expert and experienced applicant than a fresh graduate. At Pearl Coast Glass & Windows, I have the chance to hone my administrative skills while using my practical knowledge and skills to develop the organization. Notably, the company has a sales department that alludes to the existence of bidding for contracts and selling custom products and services. As a fresh graduate, I am well-versed with the dimensions of contemporary digital marketing and can give Pearl Coast Glass & Windows Australia a competitive edge when selected for the role.

I chose the role because it affords me the ability to work remotely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The core roles and responsibilities of an administrative assistant are bookkeeping, documentation and planning and scheduling. All these responsibilities can be performed remotely in adherence to social distancing stipulations and lockdown orders. One thing I have learned as Covid-19 erodes our social freedoms is that remote working is here to stay. It is therefore imperative that all envisioned and desired roles have the provision of operating remotely. Even after the discovery of vaccines, Covid-19 rages on, and it looks like it will take a while for normalcy to resume. Therefore, the role at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows bodes well for the prevalent work conditions and allows me to operate remotely with the same productivity and efficiency.

I chose the role because it allows me to continue garnering practical skills and knowledge. One of the basics of being an administrative assistant is the capability to carry out research, document the findings and present them as the case may require. In this case, the products and services at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows inspire me to partake in more research to not only learn the dimensions of the job but also immerse myself in a culture of adhocracy at the company. In the job description, it is reiterated that applicants need to have problem-solving skills, which alludes to the existence of a culture of creativity and innovation at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows. Such a culture offers me the chance to learn something new every day.

Finally, I chose the role because of how well it fits my professional training. I recently completed my university education and I have a plan to grow my career through partnering with the best organizations. The role at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows promises to be a great one for both personal and professional development. I believe the organization is aligned to my individual and professional path, in terms of what it has to offer, and what I can gain from it. I intend to be of great value to the organization as it shapes my career and I help build it to the best of my capabilities.

Cover Letter


(Current Address)

(Mobile Number)



To The Human Resource Manager,

Pearl Coast Glass & Windows,

B McDaniel Rd, Broome WA 6725,


Dear Sir,


I hereby register my interest in becoming an administrative assistant as advertised on the Seek website. My proactiveness, experience, creativity and innovation make me a perfect candidate for the position, and I can be a valuable member of the Pearl Coast Glass & Windows team.

I have worked as an administrative assistant for two years, and during that time, I have been tasked with documenting and managing the company electronic database. I also managed to transform the company documenting procedure from a paper-based approach to a blend of paper and electronic documents. As per the requirements for the position at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows, my resume outlines that I possess discernible administrative experience in administrative assistance, English language mastery, knowledge of MYOB accounting software, telephone and communication skills, tech-savviness with expertise in Microsoft Office applications, impeccable time management and planning skills, attention to detail and ability to operate in a fast-paced environment and a driver’s license.

In my last role as an administrative assistant, I transformed the company documentation approach and reduced paper wastage by 25%. I achieved such a feat by implementing a documentation system that prioritized electronic documentation and used paper only when necessary. In that same role, I learned that the only constant is change and administrative assistants have to be proactive rather than reactive to perform to the best of their abilities. I have also learned that honesty is the hallmark of a functional company.

Therefore, it fills me with great joy to be applying at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows because I admire the creativity and innovation that goes into the creation of the glass and glazing. I also admire the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as a marketing strategy. As the administrative assistant, I will transform the bookkeeping and documentation at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows to usher in an era of automation and cloud services. In this regard, I am certain that there will be a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and me. I am currently available and ready to start immediately when my application is considered.

Please find my resume attached, and feel free to contact me through any of the provided avenues.

Thank you for your time and effort to consider my application. I look forward to hearing you as soon as possible.


(Your Name)

Resume CV



Personal Summary

A multi-skilled, talented and reliable administrative assistant with a proven experience in documentation, bookkeeping and planning and scheduling. I possess a teachable spirit and the capacity to absorb fresh ideas and communicate precisely and concisely with individuals from all walks of life. Articulate, well-mannered and cognizant of diversity and multiculturalism. Adaptable and flexible and can meet new challenges as they may arise while staying within perceived professional and personal; boundaries.


Company 1

Administrative Assistant [From 2019 – To 2020]


Worked as an administrative assistant for two years. Worked as a freelancer and for reputable consultancies and agencies, providing the services to clients where needed. Involved document and article conversion, bookkeeping, balancing ledgers and scheduling work fares, meetings and marketing campaigns.

Company 2

Administrative Assistant [From 2017 – To 2019]


Researching technical accounting documentation to ascertain that the right approach is used,

Communicating with customers to discuss their queries, providing feedback, guidance and designing customer-centric brochures and documents, transformation of documents from manual to electronic copies, working as a mediator for agencies, local councils and charities,

reviewing and proofreading text in newspapers, journals and websites, supervising junior administrative assistant work, conducting face-to-face customer briefings and telephone attending.


Prior administrative experience in a similar role, experience with MYOB software, experience with accounting software, competent English and numeracy skills, telephone and communication skills, tech-savviness and computer proficiency including MS Word Applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, excellent time management skills, capability to multi-task, organization and management skills, a keen eye for detail, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, ability to operate independently and possession of a driver’s license.


Bachelor’s Degree in (REPLACE here)


The job is advertised at the job aggregator site The official Pearl Coast Glass & Windows website does not have a job opening, however. This means that the company outsourced the hiring process to a private firm that has posted the job listing and description on aggregator sites to find suitable applicants. However, this may also make it hard for applicants because intermediaries often require an upfront fee for connecting one to a job opening. Nevertheless, the job listing lists the company and its contact details which means an applicant can forego the intermediaries and talk directly to the HR manager at Pearl Coast Glass & Windows. The official job listing can be found at