Jackie Hill the Pace Setter.





Jackie Hill the Pace Setter.

Candid conversations fill the room together with lively laughter and smiles that show how content and excited Jackie Hill is as she narrates how she rose to prominence as a nurse. She works at East Bank Hospital as a registered Nurse a profession she has been working in for the past eight years. She takes me down through memory lane and remembers how she got to the nursing profession. It is evident that she understood what her purpose in life would be at a young age. Jackie Hill states that she believes God called her into service and to do something towards catering for the needs of individuals that are ailing, and to give hope to those that feel miserable and helpless. Fresh out of college, newly wedded and expecting her first child, she tenderly reflects on one of the most difficult yet exciting days she has experienced in the nursing profession over the period of close to 36years now. Having a loving and really young family to care for at that time, made it easier for her to care for other patients. The world has changed tremendously and so has the nursing profession and us certainly cannot run away from the change we got to embrace it, she states.

Jake Hills Personality can be evaluated using the Five Personality factors. The first is her openness towards her emotion, she has a big imagination and is quite inquisitive. Her confidence and professionalism is evident in the way she addresses everyone with respect and also follows the moral compass that guides her as a nurse and in this case a manager. The other directors and leaders in her institutions rely heavily on the vast knowledge and skills that Jackie Hill possess. She provides guidance, advocates for the needs of other staff members and most importantly, champions for the safety and well-being of the patients. From how she articulates issues, and responds to other leaders and colleagues in the institution it shows that she clearly loves and enjoys her job.

Her self-discipline and how she is able to do her work also portrays the second factor which is conscientiousness. With her nature of work, she is as orderly as possible and like to have her things neat. She is always full of energy and always wants to contribute in meetings bringing out her assertive nature. The position that Jackie Hill now holds is far from where she started right after graduating from nursing school. She could not get to the highest level of management during those early years as the management positions were dominated by men and most women did not get past the clerical jobs. Like most women from her generation show strived to advance her studies and to rise above the limitations that had been set by the society. This aspect of her life brings out her extroversion. She works really well with people a factor that contribute to her rising in various ranks. She loves taking on roles of group leader and leading her group through the challenges that present herself in her line of work. What motivated her the most, was the urge to break the inequalities in health witnessed and to also ensure she was competitive as her male counterparts who she felt the system favored them more than the women. Jackie Hill kept overcoming and breaking the barriers that were on her way and promised herself that she was going to be the best nurse and also show other women that they can also recreate their lives by carving out their niches and by being on top and being the best at whatever little assignment they undertake.

The fourth personality is her agreeable character. People seem to love her and she has a way with people most people liking her. She is very friendly to approach and most interns will agree that she is a nurse that people can easily approach her in case they get stuck or have any question about anything. Her dedication and diligence to the work she does is evident. Jackie Hill has studied far and wide and has acquired profound understanding and knowledge on key and critical issues. She understands that innovation is the future and for that particular reason she is the brains behind most technological trends in nursing. She advocates for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing as she strongly believes it will result in improved patient outcome as well it will improve how nurses practice. She is committed to her organization as well as the individuals she leads. “I strongly believe that, underneath the task of being a nurse is a wonderful commitment to make thigs better than they are today.” This is one of her best quotes which she always says with a lot of conviction being elaborated as she speaks. She says that what has kept her grounded is ambition and also the commitment to making things easier for everyone and hence she ensures that her colleagues and she work round the clock to make things easier because if left that way without any form of improvement a great deterioration will be witnessed.

On problem solving she really works well with people in case a problem comes up. One instance is when she worked as a nurse, a patient did come in complaining that her wound had gotten worse from an infection and she was laying blame to the hospital. She was really violent and did not want to listen to anyone. When Jackie came, she was able to calm her down by agreeing to what the patient was saying. According to her at times the patient may be wrong but at times it is important to give them a listening year so that a consensus is reached. Jackie had a talk with the patient, she helped clean her wound and gave her medication. Every single day she made time to call the patient on directions on how to clean up and take care of her wound thus avoiding the infection.

Slowly but surely, Jackie Hill has made way up her career ladder. From working as a clerk to now being a director at Mary’s Manger Hospital. She kept her vision and she took care of what she had to take care of for her to rise to that position of leadership. She shared what made her so stubborn and resilient with her goals is that she understands that she has a lot of learning to do as well as the fact that she saw the value in her entry level job. She also has not forgotten to thank the people that have played a critical role in supporting her as she grows in her career. Her patience has seen her obtain great mentors who guide her on the way she should go and how she will conduct herself and how to solve the problems as they arise. JH believes in the empowerment of women and young adults or the youth and in the course of her career she has gained and rallied dozens of women really powerful, influential and strong and intelligent women to work with her. She has changed the narrative that a field that was dominated by the men has gotten a chance and more and more women are taking up positions of leadership.

Jackie Hill legacy can be witnessed in everything that she touches. Both men and women, the young and the old hold a lot of respect and admiration for her 36years of service that has led to the creation of a wonderful professional status quo as well as influencing women to believe in themselves and be the best.