Is your organization centralized or decentralized?

Obtain the organizational chart for the entity you work for(if you are not working right now, google ”healthcare organizational chart” for a sample organizational chart. Answer the following questions about your organization:

1. Is your organization centralized or decentralized?

2. Which management position appears to have the broadest span of control? why?

3. What is the single longest chain of command in the organization?

NOTE TO WRITER: Please search this information concerning the above information on the University of Texas Medical Branch if unable to locate this particular organization, it is okay to use sample organizational chart as stated above.

Primary Post:

Assume your organization has experienced a major loss of business activity over the previous year. A change in your organizational structure musr occur in order to remain a viable entity in the health care marketplace of your community. Please describe how you would go about flattening your organizational chart by one level in at least 2 of the principles chains of command on your chart. Support your changes with references from the management literature (health care or other)
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