Is this star worth being a giant of the arts?

Who is your favorite rock star?
2. Is this star worth being a “giant of the arts?” Explain why or why not. I know that some of my favorites are not “giants” but they are still enjoyable!
3. In particular, is your favorite star “innovative?” Innovation is a key term for the module, so address this quality in particular.

Here is an example: Johnny Cash is a favorite rock star of mine (although many would not consider his style to be “rock”). He is a great performer, but he will not be remembered in 500 years, or probably even in 200. He is not a “giant of the arts.” His work is largely derivative of earlier artists, including country, blues, and rockabilly – he does not really innovate on his own. He is cool, his music makes me happy, he creates an image of an outlaw, a rebel, and supporter of the downtrodden…but his art is very simple, not highly original, and not highly innovative.

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