Is this a Capitalistic or Socialistic measure?

The State of Ohio enacts a piece of legislation that bans all trucks weighing over 80,000 lbs from operating on any highways within the state. No other states have enacted such a broad ban. It will certainly prevent many companies from hauling freight through and into Ohio. Several trucking companies challenge the legislation as unconstitutional
.1.What is the likely result of the court case? Explain and include the relevant constitutional principle(s).
2. Would your answer be different if the ban were only on using select state county highways where the truck exceeds the weight limit for bridges? Explain.

Essay 2
3.You have the opportunity to decide who will lead the company you work for. One candidate, Jill is a very principled individual who practices ethical fundamentalism. Another individual, Larry practices ethical relativism. Both have been professionally successful and neither has been disciplined for ethical breaches. Assume that both are equally competent in business management. The only difference is their approach to making an ethical decision.Who would you choose as your leader? Why would you make this choice? You must choose one based only on their approach to making an ethical decision. Explain and justify your answer. That will require at least a 5 sentence paragraph.
Essay 3
4.There is a bill in the Senate that would require all businesses to provide health insurance for their employees or pay a fine.Is this a Capitalistic or Socialistic measure? Explain based on the principles we reviewed in class. I am looking for a couple paragraph answer her

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