Is there any advice that you would offer to someone who is interested in this area of health care for them to be successful?

As you know, a part of what we do in healthcare is look around our communities to see where there are opportunities for us to learn about what is new/what is happening and what is working for organizations that are actively involved in the health and well-being business within the areas that we live.

So, you have an assignment that is labeled Community Engagement. This is a written reflective paper (no more than 2 pages).
You should physically and or call, or research (Nursing home, hospice, health insurance company, MD office, pharmacy, health tech company – large or small). This is not an internship type of visit, but rather it is an opportunity for you to speak with someone (front desk, billing, clinical, tech, etc. ) and ask them if they have a moment of time so that you may ask them a couple of questions about health care in terms of their role within that organization.

Heres a basic introduction:
Hi, my name is xyz, Im a student at Clayton State University and Im pursuing my degree in Health Care Management. In my communications course, one of our assignments is to speak with someone who is actively working within an aspect of healthcare to find out their perspectives based on the role that he/she is in. Could I speak with you briefly – no more than 5 – 10 mins. Unless you have more time. I would appreciate it.

A few things that you could ask about are:

1. Are you using any new technology within your area (like e health, mhealth or telemedicine services?) Caution:…. YOU need to know what these are…..

2. Do you find that there has been any change to your role based on PPACA? (Caution…. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?)

3. Is there any advice that you would offer to someone who is interested in this area of health care for them to be successful?

4. How long have they been in healthcare?, etc.

And you may ask any additional questions that are important to you based on the location that you have chosen. Please always confirm that it is ok to restate their names, but let them know that it is not mandatory, particularly if they are sharing negative aspects of the organization in which they are employed. Think of it as a mini informational interview to get to know something about an area that you find interesting. Try not to do this at your present employer. It is typically not as interesting for you, the student.

Once you do this, you should write this experience up to explain what you learned and if it gives you insight for your future in healthcare management from the experience.

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