Is the style of this essay appropriate for the audience and purpose?

Related to project ID 82541Drafting, Evaluation, and RevisionUse your proposal to write a rough draft of your essay. When youre finished, evaluate your own work and get some feedback.Read your own work like an outside reader. Take notes after each paragraph. Note any areas where you are incorporating research and look at pages 765- 778 of They Say/I Say to find useful templates for a revision. Use the following questions listed below to evaluate your own essay.•What is the main point of each paragraph?•Is the information logically presented or do I need to move paragraphs around?•Should any information be deleted or added to make my essay complete?•Do all of my body paragraphs relate back to my thesis? Is it clear to an outside reader how?•Does the essay have a purpose? Why should anyone read this? What do they gain?•How does the essays opening capture the audiences interest? Does it indicate why this matters? How else might it begin?•Is the subject described in enough detail for the intended audience? Is there any other information readers might need to understand the point?•What insights has the author gained from the essay? Are they stated explicitly? Is it likely that readers will accept the conclusions?•Is the point of the essay clear? Has it been stated in a thesis sentence?•Is there sufficient evidence to support the essays point? What evidence could be added? What templates from They Say/I Say should I add?•What is the tone of the essay? Does it suit the essays point? Is it appropriate for the audience and purpose?•Is the essay effectively designed?•Is the essay effectively organized? Are there adequate transitions between ideas?•Is the style of this essay appropriate for the audience and purpose? Are the word choices and sentence structure appropriate?•Is the conclusion forceful and memorable? How else could the essay end?•Does the essays title make clear the topic and encourage readers to be interested in reading?

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