Is my media use impacting my writing andor my academic performance How do I know Is there any controversy surrounding this to




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Is my media use impacting my writing and/or my academic performance? How do I know? Is there any controversy surrounding this topic?


Since the discovery of the internet, the way human beings communicate has changed rapidly. A lot of research has been conducted on the societal impact of social media on the society at large. There have been many researches on the effects of social media in education in terms of how it has affected students’ writing and performance over time. The intake of social media continues to expand as many countries continue to get connected with smart phones that can easily connect to the internet. The use of social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram continues to go up, the impacts of these platforms on the students’ writing skills and performance is likely to increase.

Technology experts and developers of these platforms continue to focus on how they could make the social media platforms become integral to students and allow them to improve their writing and performance. Many stakeholders in the education sector such as parents, education a researchers, government institutions and teachers continue to discuss on the advantages and disadvantages of social medial on students and its role in their writing kills and general performance. Depending on the source of information you use and the research you choose to focus on, you are likely to come across those who recommend social media platforms as a measure to improve students’ writing skills and general performance while others feel that the effects of social media has negative effects on students’ writing and performance.

The purpose of this research is to investigate how social media has affected the writing skills and the performance of students in schools and colleges. The research seeks to highlight the various ways through which social media affects a student’s academic performance and the level of their excellent over time. Some of the social media platforms that the research seeks to focus on include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.


I will conduct a research to find out the impact of social media on the academic performance of students across the United States. I will use online questionnaires that I will distribute using my various social media platforms such as emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for students within the age group of between 12 and 19.

I will use a sample that will consist of 100 students of which 50 are male and another 50 female. The students will comprise those from grade 7 to grade 12. The questionnaires will target students from different socioeconomic classes and focus on the wide school programs that are offered in the public and private schools. The research involved ensuring that students would answer the online questionnaires that comprises of questions related to use of social media.


The results will focus on the findings of the research on the following questions.

How social media has enhances collaboration among students?

How do students acquire entrepreneurial skills from social media?

How do social media enhance integration among the student fraternity?

Does social media help define students’ educational goals especially future careers?

Do social media divert students’ concentration on their studies?


The discussion will focus on the explanation of the results of the study. The discussion will expound on the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

The discussion will determine recommendations of my research and whether social media is good for students or otherwise.