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Is Education Worth The Cost?

Different norms and beliefs define a society. However, when it comes to education, there is a manner in which it is viewed as one that determines a person’s place in the community. Education in the contemporary world has been taken as one of the essential parts of society. However, in a real sense, it is not everything that matters. First of all, education is very costly and in this concerning college and university education. Many people spent a lot of money on education, which does not help them that much, and education does not get into their minds. This is what becomes for some college students a time well spent making new friends and having new experiences‌ (Kerr, 2019).

Most high school students in the United States wait eagerly after finishing high school for a letter of acceptance or rejection from their different universities of choice. This means, therefore, the transition has to take place, and most of the parents have to use a lot of money to prepare their children for college life. Most of the parents go shopping and pay school fees, which are very much, and they can sometimes go even a further effort to get loans for their children to have a college education. This especially happens in developing countries. However, the question that remains unanswered is whether the education these students pursue after high school education is worth the cost. This is a question that has been debated for so long, and it keeps on bringing new perspectives every day. Some individuals believe that education is essential and that people should pay all the possible amount of information to ensure that education is gained.

On the other hand, some individuals believe that education is not very important. The best way to teach is to provide information to the person who wants to be educated and to learn. I agree with the latter perspective.

This means education is not worth the amount of money different pay to get this education. Therefore, the best thing to do is stop education at all costs and ensures that every individual gains access to information. Therefore if the education system factors in making information available even before students can get into college, if the information is provided, there will no need for teachers, and there will be a tremendous loss. Therefore teachers are not required there will be better places for experiments carried out by the uncontrolled science of the world(Kerr, 2019).

Acceding to Forbes, the cost of attendance in public in-state colleges is approximately $27,000 per year. On the other side for private colleges, this amount goes to around $55,000. Compared to the reality of issues, this amount of money is too much just for getting a certificate that may come without all the required skills. It, therefore, turns out that education is self-based and not school-based. This is because unless a person decides to study and use the resources to develop themselves into what they need, it is challenging for them to learn. With this realization, it turns out why education is so expensive (Tretina, 2020).

First of all, it is essential to consider that education is just an arrangement of the freely available information in most sites, libraries, and other places in an orderly manner. This means that when a person studies a degree course, they are just paying for the arrangement of the information and not for the information they are getting. Other things a person can pay for are the time spent within the institution and their skills from their lecturers who have had experience. Therefore, information is not paid for since it can be easily obtained and at a meager price compared to school fees‌ (Abbiati, & Barone, 2017).

Therefore it is a significant consideration for some people to make. The most important reason people go to universities and colleges is for their improvement of skills and the desire to look for better employment with better salaries. However, this needs skills, and there is always a question; which one is better? College certificate or skills?. It is why some individuals like Elon musk are against the education system and focus on the formation of a person and what they like and believe to be their true identity and calling to perform and achieve.


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