1 – GENERAL STATEMENT: This is a statement that gives context to your paper and eases your reader into the subject. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

2 – THESIS STATEMENT: This is the main focus of your essay and should be as specific as possible. What will you be discussing? What will you be arguing? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

3 – ORGANIZATIONAL STATEMENT: This statement introduces the points you will be making to support your thesis. The order you write them in here should mirror the order they are discussed in in your body paragraphs. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ BODY: This is the bulk of your essay. The body of an essay should be composed of the points you use to support your thesis statement. Each point (or subtopic) should be separated into its own paragraph. POINT #1: (Repeat for subsequent points) 1- Topic sentence: Introduces what your paragraph will be about _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

2- Examples/research/evidence that will be used to explore the idea _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

3. Analysis of example/research/evidence—explain how this proves or backs up your thesis/topic sentence _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

4- Concluding sentence: this should end the paragraph by tying the point back to the thesis statement and lead into the next point. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSION (WRAP IT UP!): 1- Summarize the main points of your essay and re-state your thesis _________________________________________________________________________________