Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication

Effective communication skills are an essential aspect of the life of any individual. It is through communication that an individual can pass critical messages. Interpersonal communication represents the process of conversing between parties (Turistiati, & Poernomo, 2020). Interpersonal skills are vital since it allows an individual to communicate effectively with other people. Interpersonal communication refers to how individuals communicate, evaluate, and coordinate messages to establish shared meaning, achieve social goals, maintain personal identity, and carry out their relationships (2.2 Perceiving Others – Communication in the Real World. 2016). Interpersonal communication aims to perform a specific purpose, depending on how it is conveyed: to inform, entertain, convince, or impact or persuade. The most important of all the above four goals of interpersonal communication is passing down information. This is because information is critical for every aspect of our society.


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