Internet Relationships.

Internet Relationships.





Internet Relationships.

The internet has been described as a social technology, which has majorly contributed in the creation of a new form of interpersonal relationships. Studies define internet relationships as relationship between individuals who met online and got to know one another via the internet. Internet relationships are however not entirely new as they can be compared to pen pal that was common a few years back. Relationships on the internet can be diverse, they can be platonic, romantic, and some may have a business basis. Many individuals today spend a lot of their time on the internet with the hope of making a special connection with someone. The discussion highlights on the research on the internet relationships.

Identity formation has stood out as one of the key factors for several topics concerning the internet and relationships. Social sites in the internet have enabled individuals to identify themselves to the world. Studies define identity in this case as the pressure between how people think and define themselves as individuals and how they interact with others. One of the main factors that contribute to identity formation includes the factors around anonymity CITATION Cra15 l 1033 (Craig). Anonymity is defined as giving individuals the confidence to say things that they would otherwise not say when face-to-face. Internet relationship is gaining momentum and having a tremendous effect on the existing face-to-face communication because it gives room for people to hide it from their spouses and individuals may tend to channel all their energy to an internet relationship without solving the disagreements they might be having with their spouses or partners.

The internet is seen as a platform where most individuals get to experiment their sexuality and others may find out that they have different sexual orientations because technology has facilitated exposure and made it possible to access news and information at the click of a button or two. CITATION Maj14 l 1033 (Major). Studies demonstrate that the internet is such a wonderful place to experiment on sexuality because it has been termed as a marketplace where most individuals have a chance of experimenting on the sexual fantasies they may be having.

There has been a recent increase in personal technology ownership; the very popular online spaces have served as primary sources for romantic relationships and cultivation grounds for hook up especially for the LGTB community CITATION Jam191 l 1033 (James Lykens, Molly Pilloton, Cara Silva Emma Schlamm Kate Wilburn). Studies demonstrate that the internet is both a promising space for important health interventions and the sharing of useful information. It is therefore, the sole responsibility of researchers and even organization to embrace the advancements in technology and to use the internet as a safe space where tailored and useful public health information and guidelines to be shared to educate and to protect the younger population from the harm and destruction.

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