Interest Groups and their influence

Interest Groups and their influence

Interest Groups and their influence

“An interest group is an organized body of individuals who share some goals and who try to influence public policy.”                                               — Jeffrey Berry,

Interest groups or pressure groups are an important tool of communications between government and the citizens of USA. These pressure groups aware the government about the ongoing problems of the community or of a particular group by protesting against the government (Hays, 2004). Due to huge fan following and ground level reach to the public, they are easily capable of affecting the policies made by the government in favor of the protesting groups or the citizens. Some of the groups are politically active that changes their minds and make their agenda as per their political and personal needs while some interest groups care for the society (Hays, 2004).Interest groups are pressure groups that exists in all societies around the world. National Association for Advancement of colored people (NAACP) is among such pressure group in USA. It is established in 1989 (NAACP, 2012), which is also nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group in USA. It is an African American organization formed for fighting civil rights in USA.

NAACP is an interest group which is created for fighting for the civil rights of the Black’s in USA. Due to the race difference in USA between Blacks and Whites, Blacks are lagging behind than the White due to less available opportunity available for them. Initially African – Americans aligned themselves with the Republican parties since the era of Abraham Lincoln but after the depression era they turn towards the democrats. Traditionally Democrats are denying civil rights to the African American origin community in USA (Timlines Inc., 2009), but during the great depression they lost their jobs and work hence black voters started switching towards the It is the Roosevelt who invited several African – American leaders to become advisors for the sake of their community so that government can make effective plans according to their needs (Hays, 2004). He also Ensured that their community is entitled to get relief from the government at the time of great depression because all these wooing factors provided at the time of their need make them loyal for the Democrats for a long time.

NAACP pressurizes government for creating policies for the benefit of African American people of USA. The two political parties Democrat’s and republican both have good relation with NAACP (NAACP, 2012). Time to time both the parties supports the issues raised by the NAACP group for raising votes from the African – American community for themselves during election as the group NAACP is very popular among the African – American community and the rest of the citizens of America due to its civil rights campaigns and active participation in citizens day to day needs (NAACP, 2012).

These political parties issues notices from time to time in favor of African – American community. Theses political parties also issues separate manifesto for the respective community people during election. Republican Party in issues calendar’s to promote the journey of their achievements in the field of civil rights. But actually this scheme of the calendar does not go well for republican. Calendar does not publish the achievements of Democrats although they showed that the Democrats are against the civil rights in America and especially for the African – American community of USA (Timlines Inc., 2009).

It is considered that the NAACP is a true follower of Democrats but in open they do not support any political parties and their cause. NAACP publishes guidelines for the political parties and gave then advantage of support from the voters. This report gives importance of African – American community and says that they are the integral part of USA. Due to quiet favorable stand among the voters parties tries to get the support of this group during election because they are the king maker of the Government in USA (Timlines Inc., 2009).

NAACP in their written announcement say’s that the our community will vote for those party who will kept their promises made at the time of election and gaining the communities supports. NAACP also pressurizes the two political parties in interfering in to the state affairs where they felt deceived by the government. In such a way NAACP helps the federal governments in managing and controlling the state affairs as well which are in favor of interest groups like NAACP (Hays, 2004).


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