Integrate communication and relationship skills in teamwork and collaboration functioningeffectively with health team members and consumers of care.

Evidence-based Paper Part 2 Guidelines.docx Revised SME-ELP /CIS-LLS 1
Capstone Evidence-based Paper Part 2 Guidelines
In this final assignment of the Capstone course, the student will use skills of inquiry gained in the
baccalaureate nursing program to identify a clinical issue upon which nurses have the ability to resolve or
have a positive impact.

With a focus on the diversity of the individual as well as the variation of cultural
values of a particular population, the student will develop a plan for addressing the clinical issue. With the
incorporation of other disciplines from the health care team the student will describe the role the nurse
has in the implementation of an ethically sound plan.
COURSE OUTCOMES: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.
CO # 1: Synthesize knowledge from sciences, humanities, and nursing in managing the needs of
humans as consumers of healthcare in a patient-centered environment. (PO#1)
CO # 2: Integrate communication and relationship skills in teamwork and collaboration functioning
effectively with health team members and consumers of care. (PO#3)
CO # 3: Utilize information technology to manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision
making with health team members and consumers of care. (PO# 8)
CO # 4 Integrate critical thinking, clinical reasoning skills, best current evidence, clinical expertise,
and patient/family preferences/values in the implementation of the nursing process. (PO# 4)
CO # 5: Explore the impact of professional standards, legislative issues, ethical principles, and values
on professional nursing, using data to monitor outcomes and improve quality and safety.
(PO# 5, CO
CO # 6: Prepare for transition to the novice nurse role through experiential-based learning focused
on safety both through individual performance and system effectiveness. (PO 7)
Unless otherwise instructed by the faculty, this assignment is due to be submitted in the course drop box no
later the 12 am (midnight) on the Friday of Unit 6. The College’s Late Assignment Policy applies to this
• Length of paper 8-10 pages excluding the title page and the reference page.
• The sources cited both in text and on the reference page for this assignment will be formatted
according APA 6th edition guidelines.
NR452 Capstone Course
NR452 Evidence-based Paper Part 2 Guidelines.docx Revised September 2015 SME-ELP /CIS-LLS 2
• A minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed scholarly sources are required in support of the Evidence-based
Capstone Evidence-based Paper Part 2 paper.
• This assignment will be graded using the Capstone Evidence- based Paper Part 2 Rubric available in
Unit 6 of the course.
The first part of the project, the Capstone Evidence-based Paper Part 1, provides the foundation for this
final paper which includes the topic and an initial search of the literature. The student is now ready to
gather additional background information on the clinical issue, the patient population and develop a plan
that could be carried out by a nurse to resolve the clinical issue. When developing the completed Capstone
Evidence-based Paper Part 2, the student is expected to reflect on the knowledge and experience gained in
the nursing program and to continue to draw from one of the four main categories of the NCLEX-RN
examination blueprint.

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