In other words why did you select to engage in discriminant analysis regression or correlation?

Assignment: Your Data Interpretation Practicum
This week, you will run either correlation, regression, or discriminant analysis on your chosen data. This Application requires you to engage in data interpretation and to select the appropriate analyses for your hypotheses and for the data that you have at your disposal. Toward that end, you should consider which analyses will inform the reader and allow you to pursue your questions.
Your submission to your Instructor should include your SPSS output file of your selected statistical analysis in a Word document, along with each of the following elements: your SPSS output, including graphical representations; your narrative interpretation; the governing assumptions of the analyses you ran; the viable and nonviable hypotheses (null and alternative); and the relevant values (such as a P value indicating statistical significance or a lack thereof). Be sure to indicate to your Instructor why you selected the analyses that you did. In other words, why did you select to engage in discriminant analysis, regression, or correlation? How is this analysis related to the hypothesis?

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