Identify&nbsp10&nbspindicators to measure public health

Identify 10 indicators to measure public health

Write your responses where it reads “Enter your response here.” Write as much as needed to satisfy the requirements indicated. Each item contains the rubric which will be used to evaluate your responses.

Short Answer 1

You are a healthcare administrator in a hospital and are contributing to a community health needs assessment (CHNA) for your county. Visit , and complete the following: Note: Detailed instructions for the use of this site, titled “Instructions for SMART: BRFSS City and County Data,” is available in the Assessment materials, if needed.
1. From the pull-down menu, select the criteria for the desired health risk data, select MMSA: AL- TuscaloosaYear: 2012, and Category: Chronic Health Indicators.
2. Click on the questions to view the prevalence of each chronic disease. For example, to view the prevalence rate of heart attacks among Tuscaloosa residents, click on “Ever told you had a heart attack (myocardial infarction)?” to discover that 3.6% of Tuscaloosa residents report ever having suffered from a heart attack.
3. After viewing the data for each of the Chronic Health Indicators, scroll down and click on Overweight and Obesity (BMI) and then Weight Classification by Body Mass Index (BMI) to view obesity rates for Tuscaloosa.
4. Now, compare the prevalence of each chronic disease in Tuscaloosa to the prevalence in Alabama.
Based on the information you analyzed, respond to the following prompts:
· Identify 10 indicators to measure public health that you would use to develop a holistic picture of the health of the community in Tuscaloosa. Describe what each indicator measures, and justify its necessity for the CHNA. You should use a mix of socio-economic, disease, and clinical indicators. (2–3 sentences for each indicator)
· Explain how three stakeholders should be involved to ensure the entire spectrum of community needs is considered. (1–2 pages)

Your Response

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