Identify what already exists in the cities of Berlin and Munich in your area of expertise.

Situation and Project:
According to the United Nations, by the year of 2050, 70% of the worlds population will be living in urban areas. So what will the city of the future look like? These are some of the questions that dominate our conception of The City 2.0: How will we transport ourselves? Where will we grow our food? How will we power our homes, our offices, our grids? What will happen to the natural world?

Imagine you are a team of individual consultants in a big consulting company that is specialized on improving cities to become smart cities. Both German cities Berlin and Munich have just put out a competition for a project to improve life in each city to become a smarter living space and city. Your team absolutely wants to win the competition but you obviously cannot address all needs of the city. At the same time, both cities and your companies are under attack from the activist group The Surveillance Camera Players for creating surveillance states and projects with your consulting projects, infringing on privacy and the liberty of movement. You have a problem: you want to win the competition but also dont want to get under fire by the activists, as that would not get you the project. Both cities are funding your initial research travel to Berlin and Munich and you will have to submit a report once you are back from travel.
How would you tackle the project?

The Concept should include:
1. Build your team (Elizaveta Aleksandrova, Katrin Mkrtychan, Nika Corak) and state which consulting firm you belong to (cannot be fictional) Define what the smart city means to your company and team and what your area of expertise is (green spaces, waste management, traffic flow, energy saving architecture/transportation, technologies and software that improve life, etc.)
2. Identify what already exists in the cities of Berlin and Munich in your area of expertise. In which points are the cities strong and where are they weak? What has been done in other European and international cities?

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