Identify the three important principles of Martin Luther

This weeks summary is on Christianity. Same format (letter to a friend explaining what youve learned), answering the following questions:

Identify the three important principles of Martin Luther (3 points)
Identify the doctrine of the Trinity (1 point)
Identify what is most distinctive about the Christian view of Creation (1 point)
The key to salvation, which most Christians believe is beyond our human capacity because of our fundamental sinful nature (1 point)
Identify the basic motif behind all the ways of understanding the atonement (1 point)
Identify the primary meaning of having faith (1 point)
Identify the four ‘means of grace in the Christian tradition (4 points)
Christians have always felt that central to their faith is the calling to (1 point)
One of the stumbling blocks to the unification of the church is (1 point)
One thing the great majority of Christians agree on is that (1 point)

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