Identify the synonyms for each variable in your PICOT question 5

My chosen area to write on in PICOT format is as follows:

P – Adult females ages 28 to 40
I(issue of interest) – Rhesus incompatibility in pregnancy

C- compared to absence of Rhesus incompatibility
O- Frequent Miscarriages
T – 9 months period of pregnancy

Assignment instructions below and paper is due October 6

Assignment 1: PICOT paper I � Background, Methods (PICOT Question), Search Table
The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to conduct effective, streamlined searches and to familiarize the student with multiple bodies of literature. When creating your Search Results Tables, review the directions for formatting a table in APA format and style in the APA Manual. There are YouTube videos illustrating how to manipulate Microsoft Word to make those formatting changes, but the Samples of APA Formatting are not in the YouTube videos, they are in the Sample Paper in the Appendix of the APA Manual. Information that needs to be communicated to reproduce your searches that is not evident in your Search Results Tables needs to be explained in paragraph form, preferably below your Table. You will create four Search Tables, one for each database you search in. One is your choice, the other databases are: CINAHL, PubMed and Cochrane. Use your Melnyk text, the Web, and your course materials to generate your PICOT question and your Search Tables. Please begin your paper with an introduction with headings that match the grading rubric headings.

Please see the following pages for the Grading Rubrics you should follow exactly, when writing your papers.

Grading Rubric: PICOT Paper I
Name: Pts Score Instructor Comments
PICOT Question Development (45)
Discuss why this topic is significant 15
Provide background information about this topic, including the current state of practice regarding your topic with citations 20
Provide the PICO(T) question and purpose statement 10
Search Results (45)
Create four Search Results Tables, one for each database. (CINAHL, Cochrane, PubMed and your Choice) 5
Identify the synonyms for each variable in your PICOT question 5
Searches depicted in Search Results Tables (4) 25
Search explained in narrative (adjunctive to Search table) 5
APA Paper Construction, Formatting and Style 15
Paper written in third person, grammar, spelling and syntax
Paper consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. (APA 3.6)
Logical development of stated purpose of the paper (Organization, flow & focus). (APA 3.01; 3.09; 8.03)
Each paragraph discusses/describes one main idea. (APA 3.08)
Fewer than 2 misspelled words (APA 4.12-4.38)
Grammar Correct (APA 3.18-3.23)
Usage, Syntax, & Punctuation correct. (APA 3.05-3.17; 4.01-4.11; 4.46-4.49)
Paragraphs are at least 4 to 5 sentences. (APA 3.08)
Level headings Proper use of headings and subheadings (level headings)(APA 3.03)
Paper typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins and 12-font Times Roman. (APA 8.03)
Title page contains the title of the paper, the author’s name, and the institutional affiliation. (APA 2.01; 8.03) ;
Running head flush left margin top of title page. Running head should look like this:
Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER (APA 8.03)
Page number on top, right side of page. (APA 8.03)

In-text citations are in proper APA format. (APA 2.11; 6.03-6.21)
References are in proper APA format. (APA 2.11; 6.22-6.32; Examples of Refs: 7.01-A7.06)) Length of paper 4-5 pages

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