Identify the controversy or conflict the meme is intended to frame to the partys advantage.

REPUBLICANS: (especially the entire home page), GOPRapid Response (YouTube), @GOP (Twitter), and the Republican National Committee Facebook page.

Take note of both the time that you begin and end your scan. After scanning the most recent contents on these sites during your observation window of time address the following four (4) components of the discussion:

(1) Select a recurring phrase on an issue that you see within the 48 hour period of observation. Chances are party strategists want this phrase to become a meme, a phrase that catches on with the public through media exposure and a psychological embrace often referred to as resonance.

(2) Identify the controversy or conflict the meme is intended to frame to the partys advantage. Describe how the phrase promotes a party position by encapsulating a core idea and underlying values and beliefs.

In order to get a good read on the meme, you may have to combine the phrase with other key words, such as the name of the party or issue, so as to distinguish it from more general terms with other meanings. Fine-tuning your meme search to get the politics in focus is central to being able to effectively and sufficiently develop your discussion post.

(3) Check to see how well the meme has caught on by looking at a couple of aggregation-by-computation sites such as:

The Google News Search Engine and
Does the phrase appear in news media sentences (snippets) that bear out the party position? Are there ads (sponsored content) along with the search media returns?

(4) Finally, make a repeat visit twenty-four (24) hours after you have completed your initial scan and components 1 through 3 to see if there are any changes with regard to placement, popularity, phrasing, and positioning. For example,

Have likes and re-tweets increased?
Has the meme indeed started to spread through the digital political network?
Has a counter-meme emerged?
What, in your view, should the party you chose do by way of digital messaging on the next day?
After you have completed all four (4) components, develop a 500 to 750 word post that responds to each of the four (4) components of Part 1 of Discussion 6.1, including any questions embedded in each of the four (4) components. Make sure to note in your response when you began and ended your initial scan.

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