Identify specific examples to support your position.

paragraph explanation of how a cultural taxonomy you select from this week’s Learning Resources can be used to facilitate understanding of cultural differences. Identify specific examples to support your position. Edward Hall’s concept High performance – oriented cultures Low performance-oriented cultures Tend to be low-context Tend to be high-context •Prefer to use messages that are •Use high-context messages more clear, explicit and direct often Have a monochromic approach to •Their intent is to avoid direct time. confrontations and maintain Time is valuable and limited, events harmony in their relationships are sequential and punctuality is preferred (This goes to the 1st paragraph above to answer the question.)

Flags have significant symbolic meaning in a culture and represent important understandings of identity and worldview. Explain how flags represent cultural patterns and characteristics. Explain their influence on your personal connection to a cultural identity. (1 paragraph) I NEED 2 DIFFERENT COPIES TO THIS QUESTION)

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