Identify something new that you learned from the presentation.

Small Business Management Discussions

Discussion Topic 1 – U.S. Small Businesses in a Global Environment

Please post a 250 word initial response to the following discussion topic:

Choose a small, local business for this discussion, one that has not gone global.

Consider and discuss advantages of this business going global
Consider and discuss disadvantages of this business going global
After weighing out the pros and cons decide whether this business should go global or not
If so, list important first steps
If not, what changes would be needed for going global to be a viable option for this business (if any)?
Enterprise Architecture Discussions

Discussion 1:

As you know, this course focused on two primary areas: Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Systems. Your assignments have addressed these two areas, and I hope you have had a positive learning experience. For our final conference, please discuss what you believe is the relationship of EA and enterprise systems. In particular, please discuss:

1. How enterprise architecture and enterprise systems influence, support, and enable an organization’s ability to contribute to strategic decision-making.

2. How enterprise architecture and enterprise systems respond and adapt to the business environment.

3.  The relationship between enterprise architecture and enterprise systems.
Discussion 2:

Each group posted their presentations from the Group #2 project assignment in the Group Project Posting Discussion for Week 7.  For this week’s discussion, I’d like each student to review a presentation from another group and provide comments on the following:

1. How well the presentation conveyed the problem the organizations were trying to solve

2. How comprehensive the evaluation was of what each organization did right and what they did wrong

3. Provide feedback on the positive and negative considerations provided to the CIO.

4.  Identify something new that you learned from the presentation.

Please be sure to indicate which group’s presentation you are discussing.

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