Identify and discuss theory or conceptual framework that you will use in your research proposal.

Visit Souths online library and review these two articles. Use this link bellow for the review of the articles :

Connelly, L. M. (2014). Use of theoretical frameworks in research. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(3), 187-188.

Green, H. E. (2014). Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. Nurse Researcher, 21(6), 34-38.

Next, review the evidence you are collecting for your proposed study. Which theories have others cited? Are you seeing a common theme? Next construct a conceptual map (see p. 133 in your textbook). Use Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint and include this as an attachment. Be sure you have defined the concepts and included relational statements.

Wk4 concentrates on theoretical/conceptual frameworks that guide research design and analysis. Keep in mind quantitative and qualitative research will use theory/conceptual framework differently.

** Keep in mind a researcher rarely uses the entire theory or conceptual framework. Be selective with the most important concept/s or relational statements.

* identify and discuss theory or conceptual framework that you will use in your research proposal.
* List concept definitions and relational statements that you will use to guide your research proposal. A relational statement will describe the relationship between two or more concepts. Describe the meaning of the relational statement/s and use a clinical example to illustrate your understanding.
* Construct a conceptual map, using ‘Word or ‘Powerpoint application, of the concepts from the theory or conceptual framework Keep in mind the arrows can be bi-directional, concept maps represent many different shapes. Will your concept map be a continuum, with a beginning and ending? Will your concept map be a circle? Will your concept map be the shape of a pyramid, representing a hierarchy of concepts? Drawing a conceptual map helps to think about the concept definition and assumptions about the relationship of the concepts.

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