Identify additional areas for your growth and development to be more effective global managers leaders and participants

Please write about Abstract/Executive Summary and Introduction. This is a team project and my part is only Abstract/Executive Summary and Introduction, please see the below for details. This is for Managing in a Diverse & Global World course.

The final paper requires a team (6-8 members) to write a ten to twelve page paper integrating three to five key concepts explored and learned during the semester as an idea and application to become a more effective manager and leader of a global workforce. The paper should utilize a current or previous work environment or academic environment to:
• Apply the concepts, ideas, theories and practices for Managing in a Diverse and Global World as covered in readings, video(s) and other sources applied in class
• Integrate additional outside readings included and referenced in your paper to support class concepts in your paper
• Identify additional areas for your growth and development to be more effective global managers, leaders and participants

Our topic is Disney, and the intro of the paper will be how it globalized before it was ready. It was originally a company of Americans who only did business with Americans. The companys endeavors in Europe and Asia faced many challenges because it did not prepare for or react well to the differences in other countries. We would like the intro to mention (at a high level) Euro Disney, because when Disney eventually righted the ship, it changed the name to Disneyland Paris, which we would like mentioned in the conclusion.

Topic 1 – Cultural value (i.e. Disney has a U.S. policy of no alcohol in the parks/the French strongly believe in having wine with their meals)
Topic 2 – Customs/Practices
Topic 3 – Power/Authority
Topic 4 – Negotiation

Conclusion: What the company did to turn around the shortfalls with the above four (cultural value, customs/practices, power/authority, and negotiation) and ultimately create successful businesses overseas.

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