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this is a experience at ICU. I need this paper based on an ethical issue.

My patient was 59/M had family at bedside. He was on ventilator. NPO.

History of alcohol and drug. used to drink 18 beers/week.

chief complaint: Pancreatitis, acidosis and occlusion of the mesenteric artery.

I was there for 6 hrs. He was on lot of IV drips. He was Hep C positive. He had an central line as well as arterial line.

he was sedated, normal heart and lungs sounds. bed rest on SCD. pale/cool skin bilat. Hypo bowel sound with distended abdomen.

taking in 12 L of fluid and urine output was less and dark color.

Please improvise and write a two page paper by answering the below questions.

describe the incident

2) Describe the emotion you felt during and the following the incident.

3) analyze what happened as unemotionally as possible.

4) describe how this experience will affect you future nursing practice.

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