Howyour social work values and ethics informed the design

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This assignment (Task) is a follow on from the previous Assignment you did for me which was order number (81707064 – Evaluation Effectiveness and outcomes). The PREVIOUS assignment you completed for me was an ‘expression of interest’ to the federal government asking for funding so that an evaluation of the PHaMs service provided by Open Minds can be completed NOTE: I will upload the first assignment you did so you can remember what you wrote.   


This Task is:         2000 WORDS    23 REFERNCES: APA6TH


Your manager advises you that your expression of interest was successful and your agency has been provided with $15,000 funding to conduct an evaluation of your PHaMs service. As such, you are required to submit a detailed evaluation proposal that includes the outcomes framework used to guide the evaluation process and the strategies and resources required to undertake the evaluation.

Specifically your proposal must include:


  1. A detailed discussion of the proposed evaluation (20 marks):


  1. This will require you to outline:
  2. The specific objectives the evaluation will address
  3. The key short and long outcomes that the program aims to achieve

iii.     A detailed description of the methods and measures used to conduct the evaluation

  1. Excellent discussion of the required resources and a feasible and detailed budget needed for the evaluation
  2. v.     A timeline or GANTT chart that indicates the key evaluation milestones to be achieved


  1. A reflection on the evaluation process (25 marks)


  1. This reflection should discuss:
  2. detailed discussion about Why you chose this approach to the evaluation, and include
  3. How your social work values and ethics informed the design (Note: social work code of ethics 2010)

iii.     How the methods and measures used demonstrated cultural sensitivity and/or met the needs of one of the special needs groups identified within the PHaMs resource kit – need to demonstrate a superior ability to understand and explain the relationship between social work values and inclusive practice and how this shapes evaluation design

  1. Any potential challenges you may encounter during the evaluation and potential solutions to these – need to be feasible and discussed in depth. The issues discussed need to demonstrate an excellent ability to apply general evaluation concepts to the case study scenario.



  • I will upload the first assignment so you can refresh yourself what you previously wrote
  • I will upload a reference list for you to use from as much as you can please (Compulsory)
  • I will upload the PHaMs case study and info sheet again
  • If there is any issues or clarifications please let me know early on and I will ask the questions and get you the answers if I don’t know it.

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