How would you describe the style of the original dialogue?

Understanding and Applying the Problem Solving Process

Write a 50 to 100 word short-answer response for the following: 8 discussions

(1) Your roommate has just learned that she passed a math exam for which she had done absolutely no studying. Humming the song “I Did It My Way,” she comes bouncing over to you with a huge grin on her face and says, “Let me buy you dinner to celebrate!” What do you conclude about how she is feeling?

(2)We construct our world by actively selecting, organizing, and interpreting our sensations. We view the world through our own unique “lenses,” which shape and influence our perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge.

(3) Why do you believe what you believe? Developing informed and well-reasoned beliefs is best accomplished through a process of vigorous discussion and debate, exploring all sides of an issue and the justifications that support these various viewpoints.

(4) Imagine a world without language. Imagine that you have suddenly lost your ability to speak, to write, to read. Imagine that your only means of expression are grunts, shrieks, and gestures. Finally imagine that everyone else in the world has also lost the ability to use language. What do you think such a world would be like?

(5) Recall a time when you encountered a situation that surprised you and initially made no sense. How did you deal with that situation? What does the way you dealt with the situation reveal about the way we think and use language?

(6) Using Language effectively involves using the language style appropriate to the situation. What are some of the different language styles you use in your life? Which language styles do you feel least comfortable with? Why?

(7) How would you describe the style of the original dialogue? How would you describe the style of your version of the dialogue?

(8) How do our current presidents persuasive abilities compare to those of his or her predecessor? Cite specific differences or similarities in their rhetorical style. Is one or the other style more effective—for certain audiences, or overall? If so, explain why.

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