How will you assure there is reawakened passion for the change effort to be sustained?

At what system level will change be most required to address the problem area—microsystem, mesosystem, or macrosystem level?
b. Will the problem be addressed by focusing on only one of the system levels?
c. Will all system levels be included when addressing the problem area?
2. Identify and describe the financial techniques or strategies that will be used to address the problem area. There is not correct answer, rather you are to use a systems thinking approach in order to address the problem area as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. (2 pages)
a. Identify the most optimal strategy in addressing the problem area such as conducting a throughput analysis and identifying the various bottlenecks within the system, SWOT analysis to discover the range of staffing matrices used by competing hospitals, using a strategic process and identifying key stakeholders when creating a new culture of safety.
b. Will other strategies need to be used to address the problem area or will one strategy suffice at this point in time?
c. Will strategies cross over all three system levels?
3. Describe the implementation plan to address the problem area. (2 pages)
a. Who needs to be involved in creating change; list the key stakeholders that need to be involved in this project.
b. Document the steps of the process as it currently exists using a flow chart; perform a gap analysis, and design the steps of the new process that will address the gaps and improve the problem area.
c. Design a timeline for completing the steps of the new process.
4. Describe your role as the DNP leader is supporting the change process. (2 pages)
a. What leadership skills will you utilize to lead the change effort?
b. How will you deal with individuals at the three levels of the system, as well as stakeholders with differing opinions?
c. How will you assure there is reawakened passion for the change effort to be sustained?
5. Identify and define three measurable outcomes (e.g., patient satisfaction scores, nurse engagement scores, clinical outcomes) to measure the success of your implementation plan. (1 page)
a. Will the measurable outcomes be measured at the three system levels—micro, meso, and macrosystem levels?
b. What are the expectations of the customers and patients?
c. What is in the literature about this particular indicator and outcome?
Criteria for Format and Special Instructions
1. The paper (excluding the title page and references page) should be 8-10 pages. Points will be lost for not meeting this length requirement. Estimated page length for each section of the paper is outlined in the description of the assignment section.
2. Font and sizes acceptable: 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Ariel.
3. This assignment is excluded from Turnitin, in accordance with Turnitin policy. Check with the instructor for more information.
4. The textbooks required for this course may not be used as a reference for this assignment.
5. A minimum of 10 scholarly references must be used. Scholarly references need to be current, 5-8 years or less (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable).
6. Title page, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the sixth edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section or topic of the paper.

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