How will what you have discussed above be enacted in the classroom?

Outline of Paper



Abstract (Usually about 150 – 200 words and not counted as part of the word count)

The abstract is the ‘hook’ into the academic paper/essay. Draws the reader in the sparks their interest.

Key Words: 5 – 8 words (metalanguage)

Introduction (250 words)

  • No need to use a heading for an Introduction
  • Provides a road map for the paper

Literature Review (750 words)

  • Frames the topic you are discussing by drawing on the background readings
  • Supports discussion and reasons why we might teach in a particular way in the classroom – pedagogies, the importance of diverse approaches
  • This needs to be an indepth discussion on a focused area
  • Well developed and uses the literature to support the discussion by in text citations and a small number of direct quotations eg 2 – 3 ( not slabs of quotations – just a few words)


AC: English (250 words)

  • Some reference to cross curricular perhaps
  • This can be interwoven with throughout the discussion if this works for you rather than a separate section.

Classroom practice (750 words)

  • Examples of activity or possibility to back up what has been said in the literature review
  • How will what you have discussed above be enacted in the classroom?
  • Back up with literature

Conclusion (200 words)

Draws the discussion to a close and does not add new material


  • Reference list must be formatted in APA style (6th edition).
  • No dot points.
  • Use hanging indent.
  • Check the online resource at the library for further information
  • Peer reviewed journal articles are best
  • Reference the curriculum documents
  • Not wikipeidia
  • Not websites that cannot be verified



  • This is an academic paper. Please do not use statements such as:
    • ‘it is a fantastic way’

‘it is a great way’

  • I believe, I hope, I think
  • kids (children or students is the correct term)
  • the teacher will make the students ……do something. Really? Why would that be good pedagogical practice!
  • Word counts are approximate but provide a ball park figure.

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