How well do they contribute to successful and transition services?

Diversionary programs for juveniles help keep them out of prison and detention facilities. Visit Diversionary Programs: An Overview from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) at for additional research on diversionary programs for juveniles.
Find a local program (Peoria County, Illinois) and a state-level program to use for your Assignment. You need only discuss two programs.

Create an 8–12 slide PowerPoint® presentation incorporating speaker notes to include the following:
Identify three components of the diversionary programs and initiatives within the programs you identified.
Compare and contrast the state and local programs.
How well do they contribute to successful reintegration services?
How well do they contribute to successful and transition services?
Analyze trends and patterns of these programs as they contribute to reduced recidivism (this may be data driven).
Relate the trends and patterns to the programs overall validity and effectiveness.
Include an introduction and reference slide.This is not included to the 8-12 slides that is your actual homework.
Cite all references consistent with APA formatting.
References need to be cited in the slide the information is used in.
Make sure to use the speaker notes to elaborate on the information in the slide.

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