How we know how many foreigners live in united States without permission?

My capstone project tops is “How undocumented immigration affects U.S economy?”

Sub questions are:
“What are the solutions to illegal immigration?

Why people take a risk of illegal immigration?

How we know how many foreigners live in united States without permission?

In what ways illegal immigration occurs/people become unauthorized aliens?

Capstone Paper and Draft of Chapter 1
Regardless of what type of capstone project you choose to produce, you must submit an associated paper. For this assignment you are required to develop and submit a draft of the first chapter of your capstone paper, Chapter 1: Introduction.

This should be a draft only.

Organize your draft according to the outline below. In at least one solid paragraph for each subheading, prepare the following, using these headings:

Introduction to the Chapter:
Reveal your topic, state the gap in knowledge, creative process or problem, etc. that you are researching, investigating, or showcasing, and tell the reader what to expect.
Background of the Topic:
Relate only to societal, business, or artistic factors–NO personal factors. Cited literature should be included.
Problem Statement:
Identify the gap in knowledge, creative aspect, or problem. Ask the major question you are going to answer through your capstone project. Ask the sub questions you are going to use to answer the major question.( Optimum sub questions: 3-4) The data from these sub questions will be used to answer the major question.
Professional Significance of Your Work:
Respond to the internal question: Why did I bother to produce this particular project? Be specific.
Overview of Methodology:
How do you expect to proceed in order to answer your sub questions? These sub questions answer the major question for you.
Note: If you are thinking about using surveys or questionnaires, check first with your mentor. Only 10% return is typical and the time it takes to devise such instruments combined with the amount of time it will take to received them back and analyze the results might not give you enough time to complete your project by the end of the semester.
What are the boundaries of your project?
Definition of Terms:
Consider your audience; the readers may not know what you mean by the terms you use. They may be technical terms or ordinary words used in a specialized way. Do not use dictionary definitions. These terms are particular to your project. Explain them accordingly in bullet format.
All the chapters in your paper, including your introduction, must have a concluding paragraph that serves as a summary. Do not add any new ideas or information to the summary.

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