How to analyze the issues policies and political culture that shape voting in Texas.

The state and local election process.

The role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in Texas.


By completing this assignment, you will have a better understanding of:

How to be an active and engaged citizen through voting.

How to analyze the issues, policies, and political culture that shape voting in Texas.


Make sure to clearly label the essay at the top, based on the choice you make. Your final work product will be a coherent essay (introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion) addressing each of the following questions using the textbook material and at least one more outside source.

Essay Topic #1: Texas Elections 2016

This essay will allow you to research the elections that will occur in 2016. Harris and the Texas Secretary of State are likely to be good resources for this essay.

What specific elections will be held in 2016 in Texas? (Worth 30 Points) In order to address this question, you can go to the Secretary of States website. Please discuss the races for U.S. government, Texas state government, and local government.

Discuss the different types of elections that are held in Texas (Primary, General, and Special Elections). (Worth 30 Points) Topics to discuss include what is voted for in each type of election, when is the election held, how does Texas compare to other states, etc.

How important are finances to political campaigns? Why? (Worth 20 Points) What are PACs? How do they play a role in Texas politics? (Worth 10 Points) Which organization regulates PACS in Texas? (Worth 10 Points)

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