How state and local political systems relate to the federal government.

How state and local political systems relate to the federal government.

How unpredictable issues and government policies shape the experience of everyday citizens.


By completing this assignment, you will better understand:

Federalism and how it plays a role in state government.

The role that the federal government has in uniting the states, and the challenges that arise with the power of the state.


After viewing the movie, write a coherent essay (introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion) that addresses the following questions:

Why did the communication system break down hours after Hurricane Katrina? (Worth 15 points)

What was the purpose of the Hurricane Pam exercise? (Worth 10 Points)

What lessons could have been learned, had the Hurricane Pam exercise been completed? (Worth 10 Points)

How did federalism play a role in what happened with Katrina? (Worth 30 points)

Is Texas prepared to handle the next big hurricane? (Worth 15 points) Why or why not? (Worth 20 points) For these responses, do not just provide your own opinion. You will lose points if you do not provide outside research to answer these questions.


Situation Explanation

No citations within the essay Will not be graded

Less than 1 page Will not be graded

No works cited Will not be graded

*Copied work Will not be graded

*Copied work includes work that is copied and pasted. This may result in academic probation.

Background Information for the Assignment:

The Storm (Running Time: 60 Minutes) HYPERLINK t _blank

This video takes an in-depth look at what happened behind the scenes of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Even though this video is not directly focused on Texas Government, it provides an excellent real life example regarding federalism and the relationships between federal, state, and local government. Additionally, there were many people that resettled into Houston as a result of the hurricane. The video has been broken down into five smaller parts to increase the quality of the video and audio. You will need to watch the whole video to complete this activity and to get the information within its proper context.

The transrpt is available here:

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