How severe are a clients symptoms and how do they impact a clients functioning?

How severe are a clients symptoms and how do they impact a clients functioning? Consider the case of Sami in this weeks Introduction. Samis experiences during driving had grown to the point to which she feared having a panic attack behind the wheel and was apprehensive about driving at all. How might a clinician evaluate these symptoms and incorporate the results into the development of a treatment plan?

For this Assignment, you evaluate and select an appropriate test to measure symptom severity as well as functioning and apply it to your virtual client.

Lanie Rosado

Age– 22

Race – Hispanic

Gender – Female

Ethnicity – Puerto Rican

Veteran Status – Enduring Freedom veteran

Immigrant Status – American citizen

Language – English, Spanish

Sensory Impairment – None

Motor Impairment – Fine and gross

Medical Conditions – Severely injured dominant hand

Presenting Problem – Failing in college

Affective Symptoms – Mood swings

Behavioral Symptoms – Impulsivity

Unstable relationships

Cognitive Symptoms – Failing first semester of school

Family and Support Systems – Conflict with family and partner

Results Intelligence Testing – Weakness in Gs

Results of NEO PI-R – High, neuroticism

Low, extraversion

The Assignment (3–5 pages):

Select two tests of symptom severity (one must be a mental status examination) and two tests of functional impairment from the Mental Measurements Yearbook.
Complete a comparative analysis of the tests and select one of each test (symptom severity and functional impairment) which is most appropriate for your virtual client and explain why.
Justify your selection.
Explain one limitation of the two tests you selected and explain why they are limitations.

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