How is turf used in Icelandic architecture?

The synopsis hand-in should cover material and ideas that you have been developing in your own research and in the seminar discussions. The synopsis should only be around 1,000-2,000 words in length (including the annotated bibliography), and should aim to give an outline of the final subject and structure. Accordingly, three distinct but inter-related items need to be incorporated:

A1. Outline
A short 1-page written outline that succinctly explains the nature of the subject, its relevance and importance to the subject of architecture, and the way in which you intend to approach the writing of the dissertation. Imagine the outline is like a proposal for a book that aims is to convince a publisher that they want to commission your book. Include illustrations to help you to get your message across clearly.

A2. Structure Plan
A structure plan which sets out the different sections or chapters that you intend to use, along with the major issues and material that you intend to include under each section. The best analogy for this part would be the contents page in the front of a book. Thus the notes can be set out as bullet-points in order to keep the structure plan as brief as possible, but obviously the sequencing of the points and arguments are crucial. Try to apportion approximate lengths, in terms of either numbers of pages or number of words, to each of the sections to ensure that you have a suitable balance of material.

A3. Bibliography
A short critical bibliography of 6-8 sources that you have found to be of most value in your research. These sources can include books, periodical articles, interviews, television programmes, etc. You must organise your bibliography to comply with the Harvard Referencing System (see Guide on Brookes Virtual). Please add a short paragraph (50 words max per source) under each source to explain its usefulness in the development of your dissertation.’

I would like the dissertation synopsis to be about the following…

How is turf used in Icelandic architecture?
Chapter 1 (introduction)
� How is turf used in Icelandic architecture?
� Why the question is interesting
� Description of data collection methods- where data was found and how it was gathered.

Chapter 2
� Where does turf architecture originate? (history)
� How does it relate to other cultures

Chapter 3
� Why is it suitable/ appropriate?(technologically)
� What drives it and what makes it successful

Chapter 4
� Current day applications
� People�s perceptions

Chapter 5
� Potential for future applications
� Technology transfer

Chapter 6 (conclusion)
� Answering question

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